Arthur Rutenberg Energy Efficient home... from the inside out

Green Standards Map

1) Low VOC Paints and Stains - Provides healthy indoor air quality

2) Return Air Ducts In All Rooms - Prevents air imbalances and inadequate air flow for greater efficiency of HVAC system

3) Low Flow Faucets and Shower Heads - Reduces water consumption

4) Certified "Green Label Plus" Carpets - Meets Carpet and Rug Institute's high standards for environmentally friendly floors

5) Ducts Protected During Construction - Eliminates construction dust from blowing back into home

6) Balanced HVAC System - Per ASHRAE Manual "J" Guidelines reduces moisture in the air and improves efficiency

7) Programmable Thermostats - Properly programmed will reduce energy needs during periods of low demand

8) All Duct Connections Sealed With Mastic - To prevent air leakage into attic providing healthy air quality and improved efficiency

9) Recycled Content Flooring, Drywall and Insulation - Saves resources and diverts waste from landfills

10) Sealed Recessed Light Fixtures - Prevents hot attic air from entering conditioned space

11) All Exhaust Fans Vented to Outside - Provides a higher level of indoor air quality and reduces moisture build-up

12) Energy Star Appliances - Use 10-15% less energy than standard models

13) Energy Efficient Exterior Doors - Insulated fiberglass doors reduce heat loss and gain

14) Energy Efficient Low E Windows and Sliding Glass Doors - Reduces UV rays that heat up the home reducing cooling costs by improving the efficiency of the Air Conditioning system

15) R-30 Blown Attic Insulation

16) Formaldehyde Free Cabinets - No off-gassing of toxic compounds

17) Foil Faced Rigid Insulation on Concrete Block Walls - Provides greater insulation for comfort and energy savings

18) 14 SEER HVAC System - Greater efficiency and lower operating costs

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