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Top tips for organizing your new homes’ closets

Posted on August 25th, 2015

closet organizationMoving into a new home is exciting, but unpacking and putting everything in its place is something that no one enjoys doing. Reduce the stress of a disorganized closet by making a plan and spending time putting each closet together in a well-organized manner by following these simple tips.

No More Wire Hangers

Hangers can make or break a closet organization plan. Like every home starts with a solid foundation, every closet starts with quality hangers. Plastic and wire hangers need to be banished and replaced with slim velvet or flat wooden hangers. Velvet hangers are perfect for all types of clothing by preventing them from slipping off. Velvet hangers are thin, allowing for triple the amount of clothes to fit on a closet rod. Wooden hangers are also a good choice, particularly for men who might not embrace the idea of velvet hangers. Wooden hangers should be sturdy, thin, and flat. Curved wooden hangers can be used with suits, blazers, and overcoats, but should be kept together in a separate part of the closet.

Organize by ROYGBIP

Keeping like with like is the number one rule in closet organization. This means organizing all clothing items by type, season, and color. Start by gathering all long sleeved shirts, then separate them by spring/summer and fall/winter. Hang the shirts facing the same direction and organize by ROYGBIP (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple). Organizing similar clothes by color makes them easier to find and looks well-organized. To take it a step further, organize each color from light to dark hues, such as light pink to bright red to dark maroon. Use the same technique for short sleeve shirts, dresses, jackets, and so on. While this method might take extra time, it gives a closet order and looks cleaner.

Sweaters Need Extra Love

All clothes are not equal, and some belong on shelves rather than hangers. Sweaters, for instance, are the sworn enemy of hangers, so don’t even consider putting them together. Sweaters are delicate and best kept folded, stacked, and stored on solid shelves (not wire). Install vertical shelf dividers and stack up to four sweaters in each section to keep them organized and easy to find. Sweaters can also be placed in drawers or canvas bins with solid bottoms. During the warmer months, wool and cashmere sweaters should be stored in vacuum sealed bags to protect them from heat, humidity, and sunlight.

To Fold or Hang

Casual pants made of thick, rugged materials such as jeans, corduroys, and khakis should be folded and stacked on shelves, much like sweaters. Trousers that can easily wrinkle or have creases should be stored on hangers with non-slip bars. Some people prefer hangers with pant clips, but these can leave indentations, so use ones that are padded. A small square of fabric or thick tissue paper can also be placed between the clips and the pants to protect them. Skirts can also be stored this way, by attaching the clips to the waist, not folded over the bar which can create permanent crease marks.

It’s All About the Shoes

Shoes are the most difficult wardrobe items to keep organized in a closet, and they take up too much space. The best way to store shoes is to place them on shelves from floor to ceiling. Adjustable shelves work best, as they can be reconfigured for height. Shoes should be organized by type, such as flats, heels, boots, and athletic. Starting from the floor, keep boots standing straight up with foam or paper inserts. Everyday shoes can be kept on easy-to-access middle shelves, organized by color, style, or heel height. Special occasion and less frequently worn athletic shoes can be stored on the very top shelves. A hanging shoe bag is perfect for sandals, flip flops, or slippers.

Keeping it Organized

A closet is easily kept organized when a few simple rules are followed. Never add a new item without removing an old item and placing it in a donation basket kept in the back of the closet. Leave a space between hangers so that clothes are easily removed and replaced without causing wrinkles or damaging delicate fabrics. Finally, transform a closet into a favorite room by painting it in a welcoming color and adding plenty of overhead lighting to make putting outfits together a joy, not a chore.

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