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Last Minute Holiday Party Ideas

Posted on December 22nd, 2014

1267F_Bonu_1Last minute holiday party ideas are abundant, until you are faced with the challenge of actually pulling one off. That is when many of us can not come up with a single thing.  Here are a few last minute holiday party ideas that will leave your guests talking about the event for weeks to come. So, get those calls made and emails sent, because you are about to throw the best holiday party of the season.

First things first. Think of both parking and crowd control. You will want to make sure you do not over-invite, and that the parking arrangements are clear when you contact the guests. You can really enjoy your holiday party by hiring a valet service to serve your guests, it might be worth the trouble and less expensive than you think.  Make sure to take lots of photos, hire a photographer who is set up to provide prints at the event, they typically even include paper frames.

Know where you want to have your party

If you are going to throw the party in your home you want to make sure it is sparkling clean so you may opt in for a cleaning service or do it yourself.

Some choose to piggy back at a venue to get cheaper rates, but the choice is yours. It can be cheaper booking last minute if a venue is not full, but having an event at your home is much more personable. Others opt for an in-home party, and that is a charming idea. Just consider everything you will need from plates and cups to the cutlery. Having the party in your home gives a welcoming vibe, and it is always a great idea. However, remember that clean up after the event is something you will also have to make arrangements for.

What will your holiday party theme be?

Regardless of the location you will need a theme, be it winter or a nice holiday setting. You do not have to waste a lot of time and money making this happen. A lot of times less is more, and a few white lights sure sets a nice tone for any occasion. Just be creative and have fun with it. Adding your own personal touches is what really makes the party gain a personality. You want to make it your own, and that is what will make it spectacular. It is not as much about how much you spend on the party as it is how creative you are with what you have.

Plan the menu according to your guest’s needs

You will also want to consider whether you will be cooking for the event or having it catered. Be mindful that some guests may have nut or dairy allergies, and there may be a few people attending who are vegan. Having options available for them is a nice plus. Everyone is different, and asking these questions when you arrange for the confirmations on your invites generally a good idea. Keeping the menu allergy friendly is a must.

When to comes to drinks keep it simple. You do not have to go all out to create the illusion of an elaborate event. You can come up with one holiday themed drink or serve some old favorites that can be mixed and matched. A few good barrel aged spirits and some mixers, wines and spritzers are quite nice to have on hand. You will also want a few nonalcoholic options on the drink menu. Coming up with a specialty drink themed to the event is a nice touch.

Personalize the entertainment

There has to be music. You do not need to hire a band or a DJ to really pull of the perfect holiday party. A few themed CD’s is all you need to make it happen. Just set them to shuffle and let the mp3 player do the rest. Play list’s are also an option if you are tech savvy. Make sure that it is loud enough to be enjoyed but quiet enough that conversation is natural.

The holiday party games are a must have. Your favorite games will be perfect. Come up with a few of your own, after all, it is your holiday party. Again, what makes it awesome is adding your own personal touches. After all, a great party is one that stands apart from the rest.

Be a gracious host/hostess to all guests big and small

If you do have children at the event be sure that there is plenty on hand to keep them busy and in the holiday spirit as well. Now that you have these holiday party ideas it is time to sit back and enjoy. Be a gracious host/hostess. Take coats at the door and mingle.

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