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Luxury Kitchen Choices Continue to Expand

Posted on October 14th, 2014

kitchen In many families, as much time is spent in the kitchen as nearly any other room in the house. You want the kitchen to be functional, but it also has to match the quality of decor in the rest of your home. There are things a homeowner can do that will accentuate the luxury, while maintaining the usefulness that kitchen must have to be functional.

One of the first things that anyone who walks into a kitchen will notice are the countertops. High end countertops can range from marble to quartz. Marble counters can seem very enticing, just the notion of adding smooth and cool marble is tempting. But after couple of years of use, it can be scratched and stained.

Quartz is a very durable engineered stone that looks a lot like natural stone such as marble or granite. Quartz offers bright countertops and white quartz looks beautiful, plus it has been engineered to resist staining and scratches making it great looking and long lasting choice for a kitchen counter.

Another great addition to a luxury kitchen is a large window, or several small windows. No matter the decorating style in your home, natural light is a wonderful gift to give yourself. If you are fortunate enough to have an interesting view outside of your kitchen, a large window just above the sink can not only add light, but it can add interest to the look of the kitchen.

Installing pendant lighting over an island or another work area can add interest to a kitchen while also adding safety. Sufficient lighting allows you to see what you are doing , and pendant lighting allows you to focus light on a particular area for a dramatic look. Additionally, pendant lighting allows you to use a decorator’s eye because the shades that cover those lights can really be a focal point in a kitchen.

Flooring can be next to basic or it can be as intricate as a castle. With today’s options, even the ever-popular ceramic tile can look classic and beautiful. Newer tile is designed to take a great amount of wear and stress while proving to be difficult to crack and maintaining shine. Arthur Rutenberg Homes builders use a special underlay and method to prevent cracking as your home settles. Wood floors can also be an option with almost as many styles and colors are there ideas, and colored concrete can be installed with a simple look or complex, one of a kind designs. No matter the options chosen, kitchen flooring doesn’t have to be boring.

Finally, your kitchen sink adds luxury and style to your kitchen and can be another focal point of the kitchen. Sinks can be stainless steel, either shiny or matte finished. They can be designed with sliding overs, or with two basins, one large basin, or many basins. Any sink should be very utilitarian in its ease of use and reliable functionality, but there are so many style options that will look great in any kitchen.

There are almost unlimited ways to add beauty and style to a kitchen. The important thing is to ensure that it looks good, is comfortable, and provides the needed functionality.

Ask your local Arthur Rutenberg Homes builder about visiting one the ARH Design Studios to see the options available for your new custom home kitchen.

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