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How To Choose a Homesite for Your New Home

Posted on July 22nd, 2014

homesites for luxury homesHow To Choose A Great Homesite Without Getting Burned

Once you’ve picked a city or neighborhood for your homesite, there’s a certain skill that goes into picking exactly the right lot for your new luxury home. There are many factors–such as lot topography, proximity to municipal resources like school districts and hospitals, and even the shape and size of the lot–that must be considered. Even once you’ve picked a lot for your home, thought must be put into choosing the location of your home on that lot. These tips will help you pick your new homesite like a pro, so you won’t find yourself regretting your choice at a later time.

Homesite Location

When choosing your homesite lot location, remember to take into consideration nearby resources like school districts, work commute, churches and more. You may have found a great potential lot for your home, but if it’s not in the right location within your chosen community, you may not be happy in the long-term.

Homesite Size

Bigger lots give property owners privacy and room to build an extra large Arthur Rutenberg home. Extra large homesites are also preferred by property owners who prioritize landscaping and gardening, and outdoor entertaining. Conversely, smaller lots are less isolating and bring property owners closer to their neighbors. More compact homesites may also be better for security purposes and are generally easier to maintain.

Sloped Land, or Flat?

Property owners who want room to play sports, who enjoy outdoor activities like gardening, or who hope to install an outdoor pool will typically prefer a flat lot over sloped land. However, sloped landscapes have advantages that some property owners fail to consider. Homes built on slopes often have beautiful views and greater opportunities for interesting decking and outdoor features.

Home Orientation

Smaller homesites positioned close to the street may have few or no options when it comes to the home’s orientation, but property owners with larger lots will be faced with more choices. When picking the orientation of your future home, everything from the view out the front window to the energy-efficiency of certain orientations must be considered. For example, homes that fall in the shade of nearby landmarks may be easier to cool in the hot summer months.


Make sure you understand the requirements for the homesites in certain communities.  Many planned communities specify the level of landscaping for luxury custom homes and restrict certain features.  You may need to select a model with a third car garage to store your jet skis or recreational vehicles out of view because they can’t be parked in the open, etc. Some communities restrict fencing and even have special landscaping requirements on corner lots.  Your Arthur Rutenberg Homes sales agent can easily find the restrictions for lots for you, so if you have special concerns, you can let them know, and they can help you search.

Making Tough Choices

Before you pick the exact location of your future home, make a list of your priorities for your new house. Then, invite your local Arthur Rutenberg Homes builder to come look at the lots you’re considering. Explain to the expert the expectations you have for your future home. Getting a professional opinion will help you pick the right spot for your home.

Your local Arthur Rutenberg Home even has the ability to do “lot fit” layouts for the model you are looking at and show you how it could work for the exact homesites you are reviewing.

Your Arthur Rutenberg Homes local builder can even help you locate a lot to suit your needs.  Contact us today at 1-800-ARHOMES or Click Here to learn more.

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