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Build a Custom Home on Your Lot

Posted on September 16th, 2014

Somerset 1239Building a new home on a customer-owned lot appeals to many as it can provide a sense of freedom and allows them to get both the home and view they desire. Many people have a good idea of the “what” they want, but not necessarily the “how” of making it happen.

Buyers should understand that selection is only the first step in building a dream home in a perfect spot. There are a number of factors to consider including cost, time, your builder and financial elements like taxes.

The more remote the location you want to build on, the more you should consult with an experienced on-your-lot builder. Additionally, many on-your-lot builds are being done in places where a demolition of an old home has been done or is needed. There are additional factors to review in these instances.

Consumers who begin the process with a builder who specializes in building on customer lots often have the best experience and can limit frustration and surprises. Their advice is often done at no cost and their sales reps can often assist in finding additional options if needed. By involving a builder early, you can avoid costs simply by using their extensive experience.

Builders can often assist you up front about a lot you are interested in regarding costs and how much additional site work can be needed to make a lot buildable. That waterfront lot that has been on the market for a while that is a “steal”, might just be a problem waiting to happen as soon as you want to build a home on it. Often, a buyer can ask for some of the studies a builder would need to be included in the cost of the lot and make the sale contingent on the lot passing the tests.

Designing a Home That Works Well on Your Lot.

Quality on-your-lot custom home builders usually have sizable libraries of home plans that can fit on many different lots. Consumers can then modify an existing house plan to fit the elements that make the lot special, whether it is views, features or elevations.

The design process often involves the builder understanding the lot itself, elevations, the lot features that can be removed or will be featured and the dimensions of the lot. Even the way a house is rotated on the lot makes a difference with the way the sun rises and sets. An experienced builder will give consumers advice and opinions about the decisions they are making and can help create a better building experience.

Three Factors for finding a great On Your Lot Builder.

The builder has great plans. These are not old plans from a general book or ones that have been produced a decade ago. The builder should have current plans that are recent, reflect current design trends and may have already been produced as a model that a custom could feasibly visit or see images of. Many plans purchased online are inaccurate, don’t contain detailed information for one or two important elements, or will be difficult to modify. Also most of these plans, don’t included detailed building code items which means you will have to pay additional costs to have them updated for where you are building. Plans on the Internet can provide some great ideas, but saving money on plans is likely to result in costs elsewhere. Many builders will customize plans for a minimal amount resulting in protections for the consumer.

The builder has On-Your-Lot experience. Select a home builder with experience in building on land outside of existing subdivisions. Some builders focus on building in master-planned communities that already have the utilities completed and ready to go. Some builders concentrate on building on land that needs modification and infrastructure. Some builders do it all. Your builder should have solid on your lot home building expertise. Choose a builder who has a solid warranty program, which should include a 10-year warranty on the home.

The builder gives advice and is a partner. Most builders will tell customers they can both customize homes and build on any lot. However, you want to go with builders who have extensive experience actually doing it and share information about opportunities and pitfalls freely. A builder can help with showing you how a home may actually fit on the lot and if it will be great rather than just “fit”. Builders with confidence and experience are not afraid to give lots of information and answer questions. They should even be able to give some “answers” to questions that customers may not even know to ask! A good builder will be up front with customers about the realities of how long custom homes take to build and what steps you can expect as a the build process moves forward.

Building a custom home on a customer lot can be a rewarding experience

Custom builders value the creativity that presents itself when customers build on their own lots. The country is seeing a great number of people buying land then building a custom home on it, rather than being in a subdivision.

When customers work with a builder who has plenty of experience and an established on your lot home building program, consumers can benefit from having someone who can handle all aspects of the planning, design and construction process.

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