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Master Bedroom Ideas – Hot Trends in Design

Posted on November 20th, 2014

bedroom ideasBedroom Ideas To Create Unique Spaces For Your New Custom Home

When you design your own home, you have the golden opportunity to provide input into what you would like included in your master bedroom. The following are some of the latest trends in master bedroom ideas.

Location of the Master Bedroom

Most people probably don’t want their master bedroom above, below, or next door to a child’s bedroom, nor next to the media room. A good placement for the master bedroom would be in its own wing, away from the noisier areas of the home, with nothing above or below it, and with a minimum of common walls. According to CBS News, for those who prefer a two-story home, 67 percent of homeowners don’t want a second-floor master bedroom.

Master Bedroom Walk-In Closet

This is now a standard feature in all luxury new homes. In fact, many homes now include two walk-in closets, one for each of the bedroom’s occupants. Walk in closets may now have more features than just shelves and hangers.  Dressing “islands” allow homeowners to lay out options for work or play.  Shoe display racks keep shoes from nicks and scratches.

Master Bedroom as Master Suite

One of the big current trends in master bedroom ideas is the open concept. This involves removing the walls that separate the bedroom from its bathroom to give a feeling of a larger space. Some of these spaces are becoming more like the spas found in luxury hotels. Some of these suites feature fireplaces, which may be double-sided to partly split off the bedroom area from the bath area. Bathroom areas in these suites may feature soaker tubs which come in many styles, and large open shower areas which may include multiple shower heads and steam showers. Additionally, ceilings may be higher and include molding and interesting patterns or colors.

Hotel Style

This may be one of the more unique bedroom ideas, but one trend is the influence of the best aspects of luxury hotels: large beds, large windows, bedside lighting, tables and chairs, soft mood lighting, and perhaps some greenery and plants.  High end hotel designers go to great lengths to create “quiet spaces” that drive people to want to spend more time in them and duplicating some of these ideas can bring peace to a home bedroom as well.  Now, if room service were that easy to duplicate…


Traditional is trending: four-poster beds, upholstered arm chairs and footstools, traditional drapes, floral patterns, traditional lamps and lampshades. Home decorating ideas that include traditional elements create spaces that can invoke memories of growing up and getting back to basics.

Danish Beds

Danish modern is famous for its simplicity, clean lines, and functionality. Danish bedroom furniture sets are the focal point for simplistic and clean room design. This style has been growing in popularity. The beds are best set off in an uncluttered, bright, ultra-modern bedroom.  After a hectic day, this bedroom design can help people decompress and break free from the days chaos and stimulation.

Floral Wall Art

This is a large painting right on the wall, typically of a natural scene such as flowers. Professionally hand-painted pieces are the best choice and also the most expensive. Large prints are less expensive, but also beautiful. This concept is in essence a decorative idea that goes back to ancient times. Roman villas typically had natural scenes depicted on walls. It’s amazing how an otherwise blank space can be used to set a tone for a bedroom.

Soft Blacks, Gray, and Off-Whites

This is a hot trend for bedrooms. A combination of wall and ceiling colors, bed linens, carpets, and furniture that blend into each other in these shades is seen in many design fairs currently, and has been in response to consumer demand.

Radiant Orchid

The idea here is to use this trendy color in upholstery, lampshades, patterned cushions, bed coverings, walls, rugs, and floral wall art. This is a great bedroom design idea in that once you get tired of the color or there is another newer color in fashion, the accent pieces can be easily swapped out.


This is one of the strongest bedroom design trends: bed backboards, pillows, cushions, lamp stands, flowers, walls, bed coverings, and drapes in many combinations of hues, such as navy, soft pastel light blues, electric turquoise, and brilliant blue.

Moroccan Influences

This appears to be an outgrowth of the ethnic design trends in recent years. The motifs of this northwest African country have been showing up in the design world recently. The unique Moroccan patterns and designs are appearing on such bedroom features as canvas prints, puffs, curtains, sheers, and bed and upholstery coverings.

Natural Materials

Wood features, metals, stone, and brick, all in natural-appearing tones, are in. Walls are constructed from natural tongue and groove wooden panels. Brick or brick veneer covers walls. Chunky thick planks of wood are used as wall art, and unstained natural-looking wood is used on floors.

Natural Light

A last trend to mention is that many homeowners love natural light, whether from oversized architectural windows or skylights. Floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows are a popular choice for homes on large lots.


As you build your new custom home or prepare to move in, a great start is to review the overall style of the house you have and then review your ideas with a designer.  Sometimes, a simple consultation can help you best determine the direction to go.

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