11 Reasons Customers Choose ARH

09 Jul 11 Reasons Customers Choose ARH

11 Reasons Why ARH

1. Furnished Model Homes – over 30 of them
I am a visual person so being able to walk through the homes meant everything to me.  We actually decided to build a different home than we had originally selected after touring the models.

2. Selection – Great Plan Collection
Their Design Collection is a treasure – we found a plan close to what we described only it was even better.  I didn’t think that would happen.

3. Floor Plans that Really Function
This is my third Arthur Rutenberg home.  I keep coming back because I know your plans are the best.  It was only later that I learned that you furnish all of your plans on paper before building to ensure they really work when they are furnished.

4. Quality Construction Practices
We knew our home was well built, but what blew us away was talking with our friends and finding out how much less work it is to maintain an Arthur Rutenberg Home.

5. We customize with talent and experience
My wife wanted one design and I wanted another.  It was amazing to see how well the designer was able to blend ideas from other models we saw into the floor plan we chose.  Nobody believes us when we tell them our home is our creation.

6. Arthur Rutenberg Homes Design Studios
I liked the convenience of the Design Studio, but the designer made the difference.  Her professionalism and patience were amazing.  She had access to colors and photos of all your model homes so we were able to duplicate many of the rooms we had seen in models through the years.

7. We Stay in Touch
We have built homes in the past and none of the builders kept in touch with us the way you did.  We liked the photos and other information on the web.  We were not yet in Florida during construction, so we slept a little better.!

8. Quality You Can Understand
When our sales person showed us in the Building Agreement where Arthur Rutenberg Homes states that our home would have Craftsmanship equal to or better than the model home, I knew that I was doing business with the right company.

9. Resale Value
We’ve seen the classified ads and web adds for resales.  It’s obvious that the Arthur Rutenberg name is powerful because their homes are always mentioned by brand.  That’s not why we bought, but it still makes us feel good..

10. Easy to Buy
Being able to customize the home easily was a huge help. The sales person did a great job getting us pricing on the features we wanted and in a very short period of time. The whole experience was professional from start to finish.

11. Service Credo
I grew up in the Tampa Bay area and my grandfather actually built a Rutenberg home in 1960s. I knew there was no other builder for me because I know you stand by what you say. “If it is our fault, we’ll fix it.”