4th of July Entertaining Ideas

30 Jun 4th of July Entertaining Ideas

How To Have a Great Fourth of July Party at Your Home

fourth of July outdoor entertaining ideasThe 4th (fourth) of July is upon us, and that means that it’s a prime time for outdoor entertaining! You’ve got a great home and you may have spent a little extra to get that “perfect” outdoor living space, but you have not used it to its full potential. Here are some ideas for how to utilize your luxury home this Fourth of July for a great time and a real evening to remember.

Patriotic Pool Party

Summer is the best time for a pool party, and there isn’t anything more festive than hosting one on July 4th. Red, White, and Blue towels can make a classic bunting for fireworks-watching poolside with all of your friends. Get in the spirit with spirits by serving Red Sangria, White Piña colada, and Blue Hawaiians.

Give your Sangria a little more pizazz and surprise by serving it from a watermelon keg. Take a watermelon and cut a hole in the top large enough to place an ice cream scoop in. Using an ice cream scoop, pull out the fruit until all you have left is a watermelon rind. With a spade bit and a drill motor, create a hole for the tap spigot. Screw a tap in the watermelon. This entertaining and unique element is a simple way to create a memorable piece.

Now time to fill the watermelon with Sangria. Take the discarded fruit of the watermelon and add two bottles of the rosé of your choice. Allow the fruit and wine to chill in the refrigerator for at least six hours. Before serving, add a bottle of moscato to the mixture and pour into your watermelon keg. Voila; the perfect red drink for your Patriotic Pool Party!

You could even include an July 4th trivia section for the brainiacs among your friends group. Trivia contests are currently very popular for entertaining and there is plenty of content for building your question list. This would be a great way for your guests to “earn” their delicious drinks; perhaps for every correct answer given, a guest might receive a drink ticket which will entitle them to a special cocktail at the bar.

You can even have red, white and blue themed prizes. Have the contestants shout out their names to be called, as this will help people remember names and get to know each other! Give prizes for “good guess” to keep involvement up! The sky is the limit to stretch your creative mind into this party challenge.

The Ultimate Outdoor Cook-Off

Traditionally, the fourth of July is a time when outdoor entertaining necessitates grilling. Do you have foodie friends? If you have outdoor cooking facilities or great outdoor areas at your custom home, why not add an element of friendly competition to your party? Create “blind boxes” of simple ingredients for two separate teams of chefs. When your guests arrive, they are assigned a team. Each team is given a designated time period (say an hour or so) to craft a delicious dish out of the ingredients in their blind box.

When time is up, all of the guests get to sample the dishes and vote on which won the cook-off. A nice bottle of wine, a plate of delicious home-baked cookies, or a box of fireworks would all make great festive prizes for the winner of this challenge. You can give prizes for other categories too, like “most interesting use of ingredients”, “best teamwork”, etc.

Entertaining Obstacle Course

You’ve got the pool, you’ve got the yard, you’ve got the fire pit, why not create an obstacle course for your guests to traverse? The party you throw could center around who runs the course in the best time. Include a lap-swimming or water beach ball basket element, a croquet, and a fire-pit s’more cook-off challenge to test (and prove) once and for all which of your friends has the most Fourth of July Spirit!

Got a big crowd at the party? Have contestants roll beach balls with their feet to slow things down as they make their way around the interesting obstacles! Give out red white and blue hats and write their names on them so people remember who they are.

Fourth of July Entertaining

Your 4th of July party can be a hit as you create a festive party atmosphere that compliments your home. Let your personality show with your decorations and event ideas! You can create events that are conversation-starters for guests and will keep your party memorable.

A great party should be fun for everyone, showcase your home and be uncomplicated. With a broad range to activities, food and drinks, you can include everyone and keep your guests happy and begging for you to do it every year!