5 Ideas for Building Your Perfect Home Spa

19 May 5 Ideas for Building Your Perfect Home Spa

When you build the luxury home of your dreams, you want to be sure every element is perfect and in harmony. You have thought through the grand master bedroom and an open kitchen complete with stainless steel appliances and marble countertops. Now, what to do about the bathroom?

Fostering a clean feeling of tranquility in a relaxing setting is an absolutely achievable goal. With the right professional home builder who specializes in creating fabulous luxury homes, you can turn your bathroom into a chamber of peace and comfort. Below you will find five ideas for the types of items and amenities you may want to include in your bathroom in order to bring to life your home spa experience.

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Steam Shower

Wash away the day’s stresses, returning yourself to a state of inner tranquility. Invest in a “rainforest” full-body showerhead, which emits pressurized water to complement the steam. The heat will open your pores and soothe your muscles. Let a sense of serenity cleanse all of your aches and pains as you are enveloped in warmth. Alternatively, after a session at the gym or a hike through the mountains, blast yourself with crisp, cool water for an unparalleled feeling of freshness.  

Previously found only in upscale gyms and their like, a next generation steam shower can transform your evening shower into a soothing retreat from the troubles of world. The steam shower rests within an enclosed compartment, eliminating the possibility of any damage to paint, sheet rock or any paper or electronics present in the bathroom. A computerized, wall-mounted panel allows you to instantly tailor the flow of water from the humidifying steam generator while the unit is in use. Once you are finished, any remaining moisture will exit through the sealed shower’s drain.

Simulating a sauna, a steam showerhead also offers potential health benefits, including soothing injuries, alleviating congestion and increasing epidermal blood circulation, which can aid in muscle recovery. Steam showerheads are very energy efficient, granting this addition to your home spa tremendous value and longevity.


Massage Panels and Adjustable Seating

Imagine having a masseuse on call, 24/7. By installing strategically placed horizontal panels in your shower, you can receive a full-body treatment from jet water pulses designed to return you to a state of relaxed equilibrium. Had a particularly rough day? Settle into an adjustable shower lounging seat to let the steam wash over you in gentle waves as you let go of all tension. Easily store the adjustable seat in its compartment built into the shower floor.


Hot and Soak Tubs

Take a long, rejuvenating dip in a hot tub built of beautiful, polished wood or shimmering stainless steel. Multi-speed pumps, superior heaters, jet sets and powerful controls allow for a fully customizable experience.  Bubbler systems can be used minimally or at the maximum forceful setting to really make the session in your tub pop. Electronic purifiers can keep your tub clear and pristine by filtering water with silver, copper or zinc ions.

Fold yourself into the embrace of warm, rejuvenating waters with a soaking tub. These tubs come in many shapes, sizes and textures. From lacquered wood to stainless steel, egg-shaped or rectangular, choose from a multitude of options to suit your particular aesthetic. Sink down to your chin and bask in the tranquil bliss of the moment.

Depending on your personal design preferences, a sunken tub may be your style. These can, for example, be built level with the floor or resting slightly below it and accessible by stone steps. They may resemble natural pools by installing the tub beneath a window overlooking your back yard or pond, thus integrating the modern and luxurious with the greenery beyond.


Lighting, Ambiance and Entertainment

There is no reason your choice of lightning need be anything but brilliant. Industrial swing-arm lights make for a modern, clean addition to your new spa bathroom. Powerful as they are adjustable, they will keep you from stubbing a toe when sauntering around in your bathrobe over your plush floor mats. Not every situation calls for sharp, strong light, of course. For those eventually more quiet or, perhaps, romantic moments, install wall-embedded amber lights equipped with dimmer switches. Aromatic candles are recommended.

Mood lighting can be enhanced by playing atmospheric music (or your favorite rock band) through speakers to fill your home spa with life. If you need to really unwind, a wall-mounted television can be just the ticket. Watch the game or your favorite shows in true comfort. Rest assured that, should you need to make a call during your treat to yourself after a long day, a hands-free telephone can deliver the ease of access to the outside world you need to stay worry-free within your sanctuary.


Floors and Walls

For a classic, clean and luxurious appearance, the shower and hot tub areas can be blended in with the floors and walls using ceramic tiles. Experiment with pleasing designs. Bamboo is another classy option.

Mirrors can give the illusion of additional room. You would be surprised at how effectively the installation of sliding, overlapping mirrors can offer you a fresh look at the space. Additionally, tall, wide windows will provide the light, airy quality needed to transform what might have been a simple master bathroom into a grandiose spa experience.

When all the elements come together in your new spa bathroom, when you are lounging in the warm (or very hot) water, soaking in relaxation through your every pore, you will be glad you invested in the finer things in life. After all, you deserve a place to seek reprieve from the turmoil of the everyday. Arthur Rutenberg Homes, a builder specializing in custom luxury homes, is here to help you through every step of this journey. Having worked so hard to achieve prosperity, you have earned your oasis of peace.

If you are interested in seeing this dream blossom into reality, stop by Arthur Rutenberg Homes today for more information.