Building Together

05 Dec Building Together

Building Together

No matter what stage you’re at in your life, building a new home is an important decision. It’s exciting and nerve wrecking with so many transitions and decision to make for you and your spouse or partner. This can lead to stress and disagreements. Arthur Rutenberg Homes wants to help by sharing a blog from New Home Source about how building together by working together keeps the new home journey exciting.

Here’s four lessons learned by new homeowners during the homebuilding process:

[tabs][tab title=”Clarify Your Plans“]Get real with your spouse or partner about the challenges and the things that matter most to you about your new home.[/tab]

[tab title=”Laugh A Little“]Learning to laugh and take breaks keeps the constant stream of decision making confined and manageable.[/tab]

[tab title=”Keep Communication Flowing“]“Home construction projects require constant communication between you and your partner, your workers, your contractor and Realtor”[/tab]

[tab title=”If Things Get Bad“]Set expectations with your spouse or partner that if a conflict becomes intense, “either person can call a temporary truce, cool off and then come back to the conversation”.[/tab]][/tabs]

Remember building a new home is an exciting journey. It can be the journey you want. And, when you are ready to get on the path to finding an Arthur Rutenberg Home, we are here to help! Because choosing a home that fits you is what we do. You dream. We build.