Celebrate the Summer Season by Accessorizing Your Home

12 Jun Celebrate the Summer Season by Accessorizing Your Home

summer home accessoriesWhen people think of the summer, they think of bustling barbecues, vivacious vacations, meaningful memories, and the warmth of the season’s blaze, but certainly nothing blasé.

In this time of year, the sun’s radiant rays illuminate our homes and yards. They cast away the shadows of spring doldrums and invite creativity, excitement, and the opportunity to bedazzle with summer decor. Open the shades and let the light in; it’s time to accessorize your abode and impress family, friends, and neighbors with your undeniable style. Consider the following items and decorate accoutrements for your summer sensibilities.

Floral Arrangements

Few images are as iconic to summer as fireworks. Before them, families crowd look up the night sky, wait for a few seconds with bated anticipation, and witness a summer spectacular with a cracking “boom!” Flashes of crimson, gold, vermilion, silver, and more light up in the sky in myriad shapes. Though you can’t capture the magic of fireworks inside your home directly, you can manage the next best thing with the proper floral arrangements.

The best bouquets feature warm colors: reds, oranges, yellows, whites, and sometimes pink. Envision flowers that evoke an explosion in their image. Carnations are popular, as are sunflowers. Dahlias, gloriosa daisies, and roses add an extra layer of exquisite style. 

Visit a florist or nursery to consult with an expert, and have them construct an arrangement that best matches your tastes and your home. Bring in photos of the rooms you want to decorate, and tailor the experience from there. Not only are floral arrangements an evocative visual, but they often make your home smell nicer. What a way to orchestra an ambience.


With the change of the seasons comes a responsibility to change your decorum. You may have luxurious artwork strewn about your home, but does it match the season’s aesthetic?

Swap out moody art featuring darker colors with pieces that are more whimsical and fun. Scenic photography, natural landscape paintings, and anything with bright colors should do the trick.

Consider taking a minimalist route as well. Much sunlight should be streaming into your rooms, you don’t want it to be blocked by unnecessary furniture. Such an approach also means there will be greater attention paid to the artwork that is there.

Gussy Up the Guest Decor

Summer is undoubtedly a season of socialization. Kids bask in their time off from school, and adults make use of time off during the most stunning part of the year; it’s the perfect time to kick back and spend time with those you care for. And, if you’re having guests over, why not put your best foot—or throw rug—forward?

Spruce up your guest bedrooms and bathrooms at the beginning of the season as you would any other room. Find its personality, and brighten it.

The key to dazzling guests, however, is by rotating the decor regularly; moreso than you would for other rooms. Switch a floral theme to a nautical one. Exchange blankets, rugs, and curtains for new matching sets. Do this on a monthly basis, and returning guests will feel honored that you updated your decor just for them.

Add the Little Touches

Good decoration knows how to handle the basic stuff; great decoration knows how to handle the little stuff.

Invest in showcase cabinets. They provide great practical storage all while functioning as a quasi-museum display for your accrued artwork and accessories. If set in a dining room, feel free to show off special dining ware that you’ve collected over time. If placed in a living room, put your eclectic side forward with small artwork, sculpture, and other intriguing artifacts.

Feel free to give these display cases themes; they could tie into your family’s history, your favorite European country, or the decade that means the most to you. Scour your personal collection, local antique stores, and shops online for the perfect pieces too. These details can have a resounding impact on your home’s aesthetic.

References and Inspiration

There’s no need to handle your summer home makeover alone. Professionals both online and off have the expertise you may be looking for.

Interior decorators offer the best advice for your individual needs and tastes. They can get to know you personally, physically see your home and its opportunities and limitations, and provide customized input. They are simply the best option for those who need the most guidance.

Those who wish to go it alone but still want some help should seek out inspiration on Pinterest. The popular social media site is an overflowing bastion of creativity, crafts, and color. Home experts often post advice, do-it-yourself guides, and incredible ideas on the website. Take that free knowledge and create your own color boards for each individual room in your house.

Exploring these options should appropriately pique your creative muse and get you started on a sweet and stylish summer experience.

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