How to Choose Kitchen Countertops – Quartz vs Granite

16 Jan How to Choose Kitchen Countertops – Quartz vs Granite

Is quartz As Sensible As Granite In The Kitchen area?

custom_kitchenLots of at home cooks want to know, is quartz just as functional as granite in the kitchen area? Can you use quartz in the same manner that you can granite? Let us analyze the performance of quartz vs granite regarding cooking food and baking.

Among the best highlights of granite is the fact that you do not need a cutting board. You are able to take out your vegetable and slice and chop all of them right on the top of the kitchen counter. When you’re finished making your vegetables cleanup is a breeze. Just use a bit of soap and water or possibly some windex and you are all finished.

Can you do exactly the same with quartz counter tops? Yes. Yes you can easily prepare yourself food directly on the surface of a quartz countertops exactly like you could a granite countertop. Slice and dice to your hearts’ content.

However, most people do opt to work with a cutting board despite the fact that it is not required. There are two reasons for that. First, cutting as well as chopping right on a quartz countertop will dull your chef knives. A wooden cutting panel is the desired cutting board for most people that are looking to maintaining their chef’s knife maintenance to the the bare minimum. Also, many chefs feel that vegetables with skin, like tomatoes, have cleaner cuts with a wooden board.

Other people choose to make use of a large vinyl slicing block. Not only will a sizable vinyl slicing board maintain your kitchen knives from dulling quickly but you could toss it in the dishwasher. Many people prefer this method and the cutting board goes right in with the evening dishes daily. The convenience of scraping the big parts off into the garbage can and putting the chopping panel inside the dishwasher is incredibly appealing to many people.

Lots of granite countertop enthusiasts really like how they are able to place the scorching pans and pots on the countertop. Who wants to always make use of trivets or putting dish towels down on a regular basis? Certainly not granite counter top owners. They begin to enjoy the ease of pulling the baking containers from the stove and setting them right upon the countertop.

You can do the very same thing with quartz counter tops. Make up a tray of cookies. Position your cooling racks nearby the stove. And take the warm cooking sheets out of the stove and set them right on the countertop.

The function of the counters is similar, but the look is different for quartz versus granite. talk to your builder/designer about the look for your kitchen and see what makes sense for you. Granite is incredibly popular, but now everyone seems to have it. Quartz offers a clean look and can often match or compliment other tile in a kitchen for a more cohesive look with kitchen backsplashes and walls.

Before you decide, check out samples of both and actually touch and look at what you will be getting. Even spill some things on the samples and see how they actually clean up. You will be living with your decision for a while so it is great to see how things will work.


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