Choosing Landscaping for a Luxury Home

11 May Choosing Landscaping for a Luxury Home

landscaping model homesDesigning the landscaping around your home is just as important as designing the interior spaces of your house. Your property is a public display of your style and taste, as well as an extension of your interior living spaces. Depending on the area you live, landscaping can provide a relaxing retreat from the hustle of the neighborhood, a family play area, a functional garden to grow flowers or food, or a gathering place for entertaining friends. Landscaping can also provide privacy and security, or add color and texture to the property.

Before starting a landscaping project, it’s important to first understand your personal style and the goals you would like to achieve with your space. Keep in mind any local HOA rules and regulations, as well as any city codes. Your builder or landscape architect can assist you with these issues.

Defining Your Landscaping Style

There are so many landscape design styles to choose from, we couldn’t possibly discuss them all here. However, depending on your location and the weather in your area, your options may be limited. It is important to choose landscaping elements that will stand up to nature’s elements.

Some of the most popular styles that you may be seen or heard about before include:

  • Southwestern Garden Style: Typically found in the Southwestern United States, or in areas where water and rain may be scarce, the desert-style landscaping still provides color and style through the use of cacti, stonework, gravel paths, and perennials. Southwestern garden style landscaping is virtually maintenance free.
  • Mediterranean Garden Style: Ideal for climates with dry summers and rainy winters, this landscaping style includes style elements such as high walls, shelters from shade, colorful tile work, edible plantings, lots of texture, and water features.
  • Modernist: The modernist landscape includes features like outdoor rooms and gardens that have a functional use, with a connection to the interior of the home. There is usually a lack of ornamental elements in modern landscaping for a low-maintenance design.
  • Classic Garden Style: The formal-style garden features symmetry and clean geometry, mimicking French gardens. Classic landscape has a sense of cohesion throughout and includes features like fences, evergreens, walkways, and walls.

When defining your landscaping style, you should choose features that will compliment your custom home. It’s also important to define your wants and needs, such as if you want a garden to grow your own fruits and vegetables, an outdoor patio and pool to entertain guests, or a spa area to relax and block out the world. Or, all of the above if you have the space.

Creating Outdoor Rooms as an Extension of Your Home

These days, many people host parties and gatherings at their own home rather than going out or renting a public space. Yards are becoming an extension of the home with the use of “outdoor rooms,” which was first seen in modernist landscapes and served a very functional purpose. Depending on the climate of the area you live, some of these outdoor rooms may be year-round living spaces, such as an outdoor dining room or entertainment space to enjoy regular family dinners or barbecues. When designing these outdoor spaces, it’s important to match the style of the house itself, as to not make it appear as though your landscaping was just an afterthought.

Outdoor rooms can be created in a variety of ways, depending on the level of privacy and flow you’d like to create around the space. Some of the most popular landscaping solutions in creating outdoor rooms include the use of trellises and vines, pergolas and railings, patios and decks, or planters and shrubs.

Using Landscaping to Address Privacy and Security Concerns

Most luxury homeowners are looking to create privacy and a sense of security around their property. There are a variety of ways to use landscaping to address these needs. With the use of fences, bushes and hedges, or even stone walls and bamboo screens, landscaping can be a beautiful yet functional additional to your home.

You’ve invested a lot of money into your custom home and you want to be able to enjoy your outdoor spaces without the neighbors or passersby peeking in or intruding into your space. You may also want to keep out street noise, the sound of your neighbor’s barking dog, or kids playing in the street. Or, you may want to keep your children and pets within a safe range. Whatever the level of privacy and safety is that you’re looking to achieve, there is a landscaping solution to solve it.

If you’re looking for a combination of both privacy and security, adding both a privacy fence and a border planting may be the ideal solution for you. If you prefer a very neat look, hedges provide a screen of green and when nicely trimmed, offer a great partition wall. They can be placed either in front of, or behind a fence for added security, and can be customized to your preferred height and width as needed. For privacy year-round, be sure to choose evergreens that won’t shed their leaves like deciduous plants will. It’s important to keep in mind however, that hedges require a lot of maintenance throughout the year.

For a more relaxed and natural look, trees can also provide privacy when positioned carefully. And, they require less maintenance than hedges. Trees can also create a more colorful and robust look to your landscaping, especially when you choose trees of varying heights, colors, and types. For additional privacy, shrubs can be planted underneath the trees to fill in open space.

Maintaining Your Landscaping

Depending on the landscaping style and elements you choose, maintenance can either be minimal or in-depth. As you design your outdoor spaces, keep in mind if you’re going to be maintaining the space yourself, or if you are going to hire people to do it for you. If you’re outsourcing the work, make sure you choose landscapers that are familiar with the plantings and features in your space.

Consult With Your Builder for More Information

Your Arthur Rutenberg Homes builder can provide guidance and suggestions to help you determine your landscaping wants and needs. They may be able to suggest landscape architects or other contractors that can provide landscape design services, as well as maintenance services once installed. You finally have the home of your dreams — make sure you enjoy the exterior spaces just as much as the interior! Find you local builder here.