Create instant curb appeal for your new home – 5 tips you need to know

16 Jul Create instant curb appeal for your new home – 5 tips you need to know

Create curb appeal for your new home with your personal style

After buying a new home, everyone you know will want to come over and see it. Take their breath away before they even enter your home by enhancing the look and feel of the entryway. A unique and beautiful entryway will also help enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Below are five tips to help turn the entry to your home into one everyone will be talking about.

The Front Door

curb appeal with a front doorThe front door is more than just a way to get in and out of your home. It is a way to express your personal style and make a first impression. Turn the front door into a grand entryway by using oversized, double doors. Add a personal touch to the front door by selecting a glass door with designs etched in it. Or go Mediterranean-style by using a front door with wrought iron. These features really add curb appeal as they can easily be seen from the street. Your door hardware sets the tone for your home.  Those sleek, skinny modern chrome handles promise a contemporary space, while the heavy brass hardware begins the stately journey into your home.

As you are building your custom home with an arched foyer, consider installing arched doors to complement the architectural design of the home or go with a square set of doors to contrast against it. There are no rules when it comes to selecting a front door, so go with what you like.

Accessories and Accents Make An Impact

There are a variety of accessories that can be installed to help enhance the wow factor of your entryway. Some of these door accessories include handles, hardware, clavos, hinge straps and speakeasy grills. Other methods to help your front door stand out from all the others in the neighborhood is to paint it a bold color or add accents made out of fiberglass, custom wood and decorative glass.

Creating curb appeal does not have to mean adding elements that don’t fit your style just to stand out.  It means adding one or two meaningful elements that are different.

Front patio area

Design a front patio area that is welcoming for all who come over. To help add color to the front of the home, use brick or stone for the steps and patio area. Architectural stone masonry can be used to create a unique design including columns or engravings in the stone surrounding the front door.

Create the area by your front door large enough to put a small seating area. This can be more welcoming to guests and will even give a space to enjoy some drinks outside together, and provides another quiet space to meet at parties and gatherings.

Many Arthur Rutenberg Homes models feature front patio areas that can be fully modified for your needs.  Talk with your local builder about low-maintenance areas that look great and add impact to that curb appeal for your home.


If using brick or stone near the entryway, consider using the same brick or stone covering along the walkway leading up to the front door. This will make everything appear uniform and organized. If using a concrete walkway, consider adding brick or accents along the outer edges. This can be done down the sides of the driveway as well to help create a unique look.

Walkways can also feature separate pavers with groundcover like moss or crushed stone in between and on the edges. This effect can be enhanced with low-wattage lighting accenting the separations. Some homes have even gone with water channels as these separations with the walkway tied to a koi pond! Curb appeal doesn’t just mean people notice your house from the street, it means that people will talk about it with their friends!


create curb appeal with lightingOutdoor lighting makes a home feel more welcoming at night. If there is a roof over the entryway, use a ceiling fixture or a pair of lanterns. The type of lighting you select should complement the type of door and accessories used on the door.

Other lighting suggestions to the enhance an entryway include running a set of dim lights along the edges of the walkway and down the driveway. Strategically placed lighting can also help turn boring green foliage into breathtaking works of art at night.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes design centers work with landscapers and lighting engineers to make impactful lighting that specifically fits the model you are building on your lot.

When building your new home, make the entryway stand out and be what everyone in the neighborhood is talking about. Work with your Arthur Rutenberg Homes custom home builder to select and design a set of home plans that will take your curb appeal for your home to the next level.

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