How to create a luxury home office

28 May How to create a luxury home office

When building your new luxury home,adding a home office can make your professional life easier and enjoyable. Along with cutting down on travel time, you will be able to control your office in a personal way to take further control of your career. No matter what industry you’re in, these tips will help you create a luxurious home office that caters to you, your clients, and your specific field.

Office Location

Before getting into the specifics, you need to decide where you want your office to be. Do you want it as a separate entity from your house or built in an attached room? If your clients come, do you want them to come in through the back or through your home? Each option has many pros and cons that come down to your personal desires. Having clients walk through your home may simplify the construction process, but then you have to worry about your home being presentable at all times. If they come in through the back, you want to ensure that it’s still easily accessible for all.

Determining the Feel of Your Office

home office how to set upDifferent aesthetics work with different professions. Attorney’s may desire traditional oak with leather chairs or couches, while designers may wish for something more modern and sparse. However, these traditions can be easily overridden and should be depending on your tastes. To start, you should create a list of how you want your office to feel for yourself and how you want it to feel for your clients.

Do you work best in a more closed and traditional workplace? Then a large oak desk may be right for you. If you find yourself feeling closed in, then you can utilize brighter colors and sleeker furniture designs to help open up the space. However, you should also predict how your clients will react. You want them to immediately feel welcomed and at ease in your home office. Once inside, they should feel no different than if they were in an office outside of your home. 

A lawyer may wish to have a bookcase behind him with his books to create an intelligent but warm appeal. A web designer may instead have multiple monitors, more kitsch, and a more modern approach to show that they are with the times. Take the time now to think of the traditional offices in your field along with what your ideal personal office would be. After this, you can then find where these lists overlap and begin to create your perfect home office.

Another thing to consider is how you want your office to blend with the rest of your home. While your office may be similar in some regards, it can be helpful to have drastically different styles so that you truly feel at work. If it’s too similar to your living room or bedroom, then you may find it hard to adjust to working at home. 

You can utilize grand tiles or classical rugs, fine gold-trimmed windows or modern white walls. The key to bringing your office to life is choosing a style that comforts you. You want to work in a relaxed setting, and it’s ultimately up to you to find a style that fits you best. Whether it’s antiquity or modernity, choose a theme that works and stick with it. You can then find all of the necessary desks, lighting, and seating arrangements.


Along with the standard furniture, your office requires a host of amenities and other things to ensure that it functions correctly. While you can always add more later, it’s important to plan in the beginning for the basics so that you know the general layout requirements and how much space you actually need. You will likely need room for a computer or laptop on your desk, and you will definitely need wifi capabilities. If you’re a lawyer or in the medical field, you may also need a fax machine.

If clients will be coming into your office, you may want water or coffee available to them in the room. Have a simple coffee machine in the corner along with plastic cups, sugar, and cream packets. Have a water dispenser nearby too so that your clients are always comfortable. If you’d like, you can also add a mini fridge to keep snacks for yourself throughout the day. This will make your office all the more comfortable, and it will allow you to stay focused without having to leave to the kitchen while working.

Lighting Your Office 

There are many ways to light your office, but some may work better for you than others. Depending on the location of your office and the general weather, you may be able to utilize natural lighting. Not only will a large window or sunroof provide ample lighting, it can also increase the openness of your room tenfold. 

The most important thing is to utilize a light that’s calming yet bright enough for all areas of the room. You want you and your clients to feel at ease inside, and lighting is one of the most important factors in achieving this. Fluorescent lights may feel too sterile, but old fashioned lamps may feel too stuffy. Take your time to play around with different settings, bulbs, and lamp locations to find the combination that works for you best.

If you have the space, you may wish to hang a chandelier to go with an antique-style office. If your office is more modern, a simple ceiling light and lamp may be enough. No matter which style you go for, it’s best to keep all forms of lighting consistent so that the room’s styles don’t conflict.

Adding Comfort

Find a desk chair that is comfortable and in tune with the style of your room. Similarly, you want any couches or chairs to be equally comfortable and fitting for your clients. You should also ensure that your room is properly ventilated either through windows or an air conditioning system. Nothing is worse for you or your clients that being stuck in a hot room without fresh air. You can also leave scented candles in your office to help freshen it up, but make sure to light them sparingly as to not overwhelm any clients.

These tips are designed to ensure that no corners are left untouched when designing your home office. While the design and layout ultimately comes down to you, you want to keep these tips in mind so that you don’t forget about something until it’s too late. Share these ideas with your builders so that they understand your wants and how to help you achieve them. Start working with your custom builder today to get the home office of your dreams!