Create A Security Plan For Your Upscale Home

29 Jan Create A Security Plan For Your Upscale Home

home securityWhen you move into an upscale home, you are investing a great deal of money and time in the property. It is a place that will host your family for years to come, and it is a property that you can hand down to your children. However, your home is not as valuable if it is not safe. When you have a home security plan for your brand new house, you will be able to ensure that the home is secure no matter what is going on in the world outside.

The Security System

You want to have security systems installed in the home as soon as you move in or even discussed during the building of a new home. The security system will help to manage the people that come in and out of the house, and the system can be locked down when you are not there or sleeping. These systems are the first step, but they are a big step to making sure that your home is secure.

Are Security Cameras Worth The Trouble?

When you live on a larger property or have more square footage in your home, it is best for you to have cameras that survey the property. Intruders may be able to hide on your property until you depart or go to sleep, but they will be seen by cameras that cover the lawn and landscaping. You can place a security camera at the gate to your home, in the driveway and inside the house. You can check this video feed from a computer or mobile app, and you will be able to see the state of the home at any one time. You can confirm that that loud noise outside was indeed a raccoon, and you can call the authorities when you notice people on your property.

With some of the newer technology, you can actually use the security cameras in conjunction with your security systems to let vendors or repair people into your home, see what they are doing and actually talk back and forth with them! This is an excellent option if you work outside the home and don’t want to take time off to wait at home for deliveries/repairs, or home improvements.

The Security Code For Your Alarm System

The security code that you use at the house is one that you should only share with the family. Only people who have the code will be able to get in the house, and anyone breaking in will have between 30 and 60 seconds before the alarm goes off. However, the code can go much farther than that.

If you are in a situation where you are in danger, a special code can be used to alert the authorities. You will unlock the system, but the person who is holding you will not know that you just pushed the panic button on the system. The local police will be contacted, and the intruder will have no idea that they are coming.

Fire Detection in Your Home

The smoke detector can also be attached to the security system. When the smoke detector is tripped, the security company will contact the fire department on your behalf. They can save the house when you are not there, and they can save the family if the fire happens in the middle of the night.

Motion Sensors For Your Security System

When you want to know what that loud noise was in the house, you can trust in your motion detectors to find intruders. Any intruder will set off the motion detector by simply moving inside the house when the alarm is armed. The alarm will sound, and you will not have to risk being in danger to check out the noise.

When you take these steps with your security system, you can make sure your upscale home is protected.

Motion sensors can also be structured in “zones” so you can activate a portion of the home while still being able to walk down a hall to check on children or allow your grandchildren to make it to the bathroom without tripping alarms!

Perimeter Sensors For Your Security System

Your home security system should include sensors that “see” the doors and openings to your home. Door sensors help you know where someone is trying to access your home. Additionally, these can be turned on in zones as well, so you could have the alarm set on your garage but not on your home. Windows can be set up to both include opening and even glass breaking sensors for the break-ins called “smash-and-grab”, where typically non-professional thieves simply break a window, grab what seems valuable and run out.

Perimeter security sensors are set up to take the use of doors opening and closing frequently and are often simply magnetic switches embedded into doors to hide them. There is no need to have huge tell-take switches on doors and windows, especially when building a new home.

New Technology In Security Systems

There are many companies out there that install and monitor alarm systems. If you are building a new home, you should talk to your builder and see who they contract with and why. Many systems today are wireless and offer easy upgrades. There are also systems where wiring is still done and then many alarm system hybrids of the main controls being hard wired then all of the components being wireless. This makes for easy upgrading or service when needed.

There are multiple companies that help luxury home builders secure homes and families.  Arthur Rutenberg Homes works with some of the best in the business including Nexia Home Intelligence. These companies produce fully customization security systems and even allow you to remotely lock and unlock Schlage doors and locks.

Getting Help With Your Security System

Talk with your builder about your security needs during the design and pre-construction process and they can involve a security expert at that time to make sure that security is not an afterthought.

 Find your local builder to discuss your security needs HERE.