A Custom Built Home on Your Own Lot – What You Need To Know

19 May A Custom Built Home on Your Own Lot – What You Need To Know

custom builder on your lotcustom builder on your lotcustom builder on your lot Nassau 1044 Modela custom built home on your logHave you ever considered a custom built home? The idea of building a home on your property can be overwhelming but with a luxury home builder trained in luxury properties, each step is simple. Building a home is the investment of a lifetime, let it be the way you want it. A custom built home with specifications and special additions of your choice can be much better than buying a property already built. Why put extra money into a property trying to get it to fit your needs when you can do it from the beginning?

Looking around you may fall in love with a neighborhood, but the homes may not be exactly as you envisioned. A custom built home will let you live in that neighborhood. You choose the lot and the location and decide exactly how much house you need. You get to review multiple luxury home plans and choose one you would like to customize.  Your selection is not limited to a set group of plans as often is the case with regular builders. If you prefer a subdivision, find a lot that suits you and start discussing your new custom built home with a local Arthur Rutenberg Homes sales consultant.

Work with a custom home builder that can make your home building easier. Excavations, materials, planning and financing can all be worked out under one umbrella with an experienced luxury home builder. Building a custom home requires special inspections and permits. A luxury custom homebuilder handles everything as the home is constructed on your lot. Building a luxury home on your own lot allows the removal of amenities you do not need with a chance to replace them with items you prefer; exchange extra garage space for a second office, add a playroom or an extra sleeping space, add an outdoor living area. A custom design on your own lot opens the doors to your dreams.

When considering a custom built home on your property, you get to choose from hundreds of spectacular home designs, and you can add as many personal preferences as you please. However, it’s important to ask questions about the customizations you want to make before and during the building stage as they could affect resale or functionality of your home. Also, you want to understand the financial and material concerns that make up the process. It is wise to sit down and study every step of the process of home building before the actual procedure begins. Arthur Rutenberg Homes will create a personalized home plan for you and will be able to provide an actual cost for what you want to accomplish.

Custom home building allows you flexibility for your needs in a home and area. Some people buy property in established communities near childhood friends or relatives. Custom home building offers a luxurious way to build a property. Everything can be special, from the roofing to the garage doors. You can select the hardware for fixtures, cabinets and doors in your home. A custom built home also gives the opportunity to select landscape and grading preferences.

Get an established luxury home builder that treats you with care and concern. With conventional home construction, everything is decided for you. It is possible with luxury custom homes to dictate how large you want the garage or what rooms to add or take away. Choose your own design, and most importantly, the place to build your home. Click here to learn more about building a new luxury home on your lot.