Custom Homes Make Sense for Extended Families Living Together

08 Sep Custom Homes Make Sense for Extended Families Living Together

large family homesMultigenerational households are on the rise. How much so? Pew Research Center reported that in 2012, 57 million Americans live in households with at least two adult generations. This number is double from what it was in 1980.

Extended-family living isn’t easy, and it can be difficult finding a solution that everyone is happy with.

Custom homes may be that solution. They are convenient, cost-effective and make peaceful coexisting easier for multigenerational families.

Builders Provide Convenience

Because of the steady increase in multigenerational households, builders are prepared to accommodate a variety of requests. In fact, many have plenty of plans to choose from.

This convenience means families don’t need to worry about trying to modify an existing home or designing their own home from scratch. The main question they do need to ask is: What does everyone in my extended family need or want?

These requests can vary greatly:

  • A lock-off suite may be the simple solution for some families.
  • Other families may need to stick to a single-story dwelling to avoid stairs, or make sure the lock-off suite doesn’t contain stairs.
  • Handicap bathrooms may be required for the elderly.
  • Specialized amenities for athletes or hobbyists may be considered.

Fortunately, experienced builders are able to tackle all of these needs and more when building custom homes.

Custom Homes Are Cost-Effective

Perhaps the biggest hurdle for custom homes is the concern about the price tag. However, because of the rising need and the development of different plans, it may not cost more than adding on to or renovating an existing home. Families also won’t need to worry about making their existing living space a work zone for an extended period of time.

It’s much cheaper to add things like handicap-accessible doors and bathrooms to a house during construction than it is to a finished house. The same goes for setting up a suite.

As for purchasing a home that’s already finished, families may have to compromise on things they don’t want. For example:

  • Swimming pools, which may be dangerous for toddlers or the elderly
  • Winding staircases
  • Room layouts that create undesirable traffic patterns throughout the space

A custom home means that every square foot is designed for exactly what the family needs, which is much more cost-effective than having unwanted features.

Peaceful Co-Habitation for Multigenerational Families

The wrong layout, the wrong amenities or crowded conditions can breed resentment and conflict within a household. Custom homes are designed to keep the extended family happy and ensure that they can enjoy each other:

  • Private space that is locked off from the main house gives adults the privacy they need. Some custom homes include mini kitchenettes, private entrances and entertaining space in these suites.
  • Common areas like the main kitchen are easily accessible.
  • Soundproofing is often used to add privacy in the suites.

When families are able to live together happily, they’re in a better position to help each other and learn from each other.

Convenient custom-home plans, reasonable costs and the ability to create a desired space are all reasons why more families are finding that a custom home is the perfect solution.

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