Fireplace Trends For Your Winter Warmth

24 Sep Fireplace Trends For Your Winter Warmth

Building a New Home or Renovating?  Here Are The Trends You Need To Know About The Fireplaces of Today.

home fireplace ideasWith temperatures falling, cool autumn evenings and cold winter nights are on the way. There’s no better way to spend those than enjoying the cozy warmth of a fireplace in your home. In days past, this would involve preparing kindling for the fire, arranging it carefully, tending to it until it dies out and sweeping up afterwards. These days, you can have the benefits of a fireplace without all the work. Modern fireplace trends, such as gas and electric fireplaces, can make it easy and convenient to use a fireplace, and there are several design possibilities compared to the standard brick hearths of old.

Multiple Rooms

Fireplaces have traditionally been a common feature in living rooms and dens. In modern homes, a fireplace is a more versatile feature that can go in other rooms as well, including master bedroom suites. This design trend allows homeowners to enjoy the look and feel of a fireplace while relaxing in bed reading a book on a blustery night, rather than having to sit in their living room. Fireplaces can also be installed in kitchens, producing extra warmth during the winter months.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

Fireplaces aren’t just made for indoor use anymore. Modern homes feature fireplaces outside as well. Homeowners can have a fireplace installed in an outdoor living room or patio. Outdoor fireplaces can have elaborate setups with seating all around or a simple setup that more closely resembles an indoor fireplace. Gas or wood-burning fire pits are another possibility. These can be installed on a patio floor, deck, yard or even close to a pool for a bit of added warmth and ambience on summer nights.

Modern Materials

While traditional fireplaces were made of brick, today’s options are more numerous. A modern fireplace can feature an elegant stone exterior that adds to a home’s luxurious look. Other exterior material options include steel, concrete, metal, wood, slab, marble or a combination of brick and wood. Even the interior options have changed, with glass, rock and other materials available for a more contemporary look. Homeowners can choose a more industrial appearance for their fireplace, with clean lines and a streamlined look, or opt for an intricately carved marble or stone fireplace with a more decorative look.

Wall-mounted Fireplaces

Another fireplace trend is having one built right into the wall, rather than taking up floor space. These gas fireplaces provide a more space-efficient design with a distinctive contemporary look. They take up less wall and floor space overall, leaving more room for seating. These types of fireplaces are ideal for smaller rooms that don’t require a lot of heat. They can also be used to heat up hallways and other passageways in a home.

Heat-Reflective Materials

A practical feature of modern fireplaces is the ability to heat rooms more efficiently than older fireplaces. Some modern ones use heat-reflective materials that help heat a larger area of the room. In contrast, older fireplaces typically only heat the area of the room that is directly in front of them. With heat-reflective materials, the heat is spread out more. These materials work by preventing heat from going up the chimney and outside instead of into the room. They also help protect the brickwork inside the fireplace.