Five Luxury Bath Features for Your New Custom Home

23 May Five Luxury Bath Features for Your New Custom Home

If you’re thinking about building a custom home, here are some of the current trends in luxury master bathroom ideas. Bathrooms are not just single use, in and out spaces anymore. In fact, many people are requesting mini spa retreat designs from their custom home builder. So let’s talk about some of the current trending luxury bath features you may want to consider having built into your new custom home.

Five Luxury Bath Features For Your New Custom Home

1. Luxury Spa Retreat. Design a relaxing sanctuary using marble for the floors and shower walls with a custom built marble arch over the bathtub or two-person Jacuzzi. Or, if you’d prefer, design everything in stone. Add a luxury seating area with a big screen television, custom furniture and a fireplace built into the wall. And to top it all off, request heated flooring and heated towel racks as well.

2. Walk-Thru Shower. Have a custom walk-thru shower added to the wall behind a free standing bathtub. A walk-thru shower will have access to it from two sides. Build it with bronze fixtures and any other upscale materials of your choice.

3. Chromatherapy Bathtub. A chromatherapy bathtub is the latest trend in luxury bathroom design. Manufacturers are now making showers and bathtubs that diffuse different colored lights into the water. The use of different colored lighting is said to be very therapeutic. You can now step into your tub or shower with a full spectrum of eight different colored lights for a mentally relaxing experience.

4. Morning Bar / Evening Bar. Imagine having the added benefit of a morning bar complete with a coffee maker, mini refrigerator and a sink for easy access. Everything right at your fingertips when you need it most. Alternatively, or in addition to, you could have an evening bar built right into your new luxury retreat. Stock it full of your favorite beverages or if you would just like a place to sit back, relax and have a drink to help wind down from the cares of the day.

5. Personal Dressing Room. Just imagine having your own personal dressing room, built with custom shelving and spaces for all your accessories. Why not customize your new dressing room to meet your particular needs and style. Add wall to wall, floor to ceiling mirrors, or a walled shoe rack if you’d like. You could also add a built-in jewelry armoire safe that could be easily secured when you leave the room.

There’s nothing more exciting than talking with a custom home builder about designing a luxury bathroom retreat for your new home. They can also provide other fun and exciting new luxury bathroom trends you might like to consider. Take every idea to your builder and together you can design the luxury bathroom of your dreams.