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16 Jun Flooring For Your Lifestyle

Choosing The Right Flooring Material For Your New Custom Home

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When planning your custom home, take time to select just the right flooring for each room. Each room experiences its own activities and the flooring should match the mood and functionality. Determine the primary purpose of each room and how best to support it with the perfect flooring material.

Kitchen Flooring

Ease of cleaning is important in your kitchen floor, but so is beauty. Linoleum used to be the way to go and is still often the choice from standard builders as it comes in many designs, is easy to clean and maintain. However, it can get scuffed and scratched. Sliding a large appliance across it could cause a tear. Repairs are difficult to make look seamless with linoleum.

Ceramic tiles add a touch of class to the room, and are easy to keep clean. They come in many designs and shapes. Combined with a complementary color grout, tile floors become quite artistic. If a tile breaks or chips, it can often be replaced to match the rest of the floor. They do need a solid surface on which to be installed, so if this is a remodeling project in an old house, the subfloor may need to be replaced first.

Wood is another of the flooring choices for your kitchen which adds elegance to any room. You’ll want to seal and clean a wooden floor often in the kitchen to prevent it from being stained. Hardwood floors create a warm atmosphere in a room that sees people coming and going through it every day.

Bedroom Flooring

Carpeting is a typical choice for bedrooms and anywhere else you may be barefoot in your home. Carpet comes in a wide variety of thickness and colors. It’s a comfortable choice for casual rooms. Another of the flooring trends, though, is the warm look of wood with artisan rugs. The mixture of wood and carpet adds a custom touch to the bedrooms and are both easy to clean.

Bathroom Flooring

The bathroom floor sees a lot of moisture so tile, marble or stone are all good choices. They are all easy to clean and are durable. For some types of tile, you’ll want texture to prevent slips when the floor does get wet.

Living Room and Family Room Flooring

Carpet is a good choice in these rooms for its sound-proofing quality. It’s also ideal for casual spaces where people stand or sit and socialize. Wood may be a good choice, especially if covered by a quality rug. If these rooms tend to be very active, carpet may hold up better to the traffic and require less maintenance.

Flooring is a Personal Choice

You look at your flooring multiple times during the day. What you choose will reflect your tastes in style and color. Keep in mind the kind of activity on the floor and how much maintenance will need to be done to keep the floor looking nice. Flooring lasts for several years so make sure your selection is one you’ll enjoy for a long time.

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