Frequently Asked Questions

28 Aug Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I find that the entire house is decorated beautifully! Can you tell me if a Design Firm was used to decorate? If so, who are they? Or was this designed and spec’d in-house.

Houzz is a great place to ask questions about Arthur Rutenberg Homes latest model home projects and even those model homes featured exclusively in our Legendary Homes Magazine. It’s free. Request a copy today!

Thank you for your interest in Arthur Rutenberg Homes, where You Dream We Build. The Bermuda 1216: Elevation “R”, is an open Model for Viewing at the Palencia in St. Augustine, Florida. This home was decorated by our interior designers.

The same artistry and attention to detail is available to you through our Arthur Rutenberg Homes Interior Design Studios that are open to the public. To locate the nearest location to you, please visit our website.