Guest Suite Trends in Private Homes

03 Feb Guest Suite Trends in Private Homes

guest cottage off main houseHigh-end travelers have come to expect more out of their accommodations. Hotels can often be an impersonal experience, and they are in a separate location from the family or business associates. Although staying with family feels like home, no guest wants to feel as if they are invading the privacy of the homeowner. Designing luxury guest suites in private homes with separate living quarters is a trend that is increasing in popularity as a result.

No longer just an extra room down the hall from the kids, guest areas are becoming a haven of luxury and comfort for traveling family members or clients. Guest suites are ideal as they let friends and family feel welcome in your home. As an element of a luxury home, guest suites become an outlet of personal taste and expression and provide the guest with a larger living area and greater privacy than that of a hotel room.

Guest Cottages

Also known as casitas, guest cottages are basically an auxiliary dwelling unit which is on the same piece of land as the main home. As they have a separate entrance, guest cottages offer an optimal level of guest privacy. Some homeowners choose to build a casita in order to gain maximum use of their lot space. Casitas are intended to have all of the benefits of a larger home, including a small kitchen or food prep and storage area.

Guest cottages are a perfect option when a guest needs to stay for an extended period of time. For example, some families need a separate living area for a member of their family who needs special assistance, such as an older parent who has fallen ill. Casitas are also perfect for housing a college student who wishes to feel more independent in their living quarters.

Built on a smaller scale, guest cottages are generally around 1,200 square feet in size and contain 1 to 2 bedrooms. As they are fully-customizable, you may choose to equip it with energy-efficient appliances and décor made from earth-friendly materials if you so desire. Above all, a casita should contain quality aesthetic features which fully compliment your lifestyle, personal taste and desired price range.

Layout of a Guest Suite

guest suite room layoutFirstly, it is very important that the guest has full access to their own private bathroom facilities. The entire area in the bedroom and bathroom should be kept as uncluttered as possible. Nightstands, tables and dressers need to have cleared off spaces for the guest to unpack their personal belongings. Closets and drawers should be empty so the guest has somewhere to put their clothing.

The suite should contain an abundance of electrical outlets to make sure the guest is able to charge their electronics and use their hairdryer, for example. This will also help you to avoid the use of unsightly extension cords for the television and stereo equipment. A lush, comfortable bed should serve as the focal point of the suite. It should have plenty of space on each side for the guest to walk around and should not be pushed up against the wall.

Guest Suite Décor

Guest Suite in private homeDesigners recommend using a different type of décor in the guest suite or cottage than is used in the rest of the home in order to further differentiate the guest’s living space from yours. One option is to go with something simple and refined, with a neutral color palate and minimal accents. Another approach is to make the guest suite rich in color and texture, and as luxurious and well-appointed as you possibly can.

The bed should contain an abundance of pillows, in varying types. For instance, have a few feather pillows to accommodate guests who enjoy softer pillows and have a few firmer pillows for those who like to have more neck support. As guests prefer differing temperatures when they are sleeping, provide both a light blanket and a heavy throw to meet their individual comfort level. Be sure to choose bed linens made of a comfortable material with a high thread count. In regards to the size of the bed, bigger is always better.

In the bathroom area, why not take things a bit further and provide the guest with their own spa experience? A large walk-in shower with a rainfall shower head and an over-sized garden tub is sure to make your guest feel right at home. Be sure to stock the guest bathroom area with a variety of travel-sized high-end soaps and lotions. The guest should have plenty of fresh towels and washcloths provided for them in the bathroom area, and they should not have to search to locate them.

All of the seating provided in the guest suite should be comfortable, as well as elegant. Plush, upholstered chairs are ideal. The suite should contain a work desk, a chair and a lamp so the guest may conduct business as usual during their stay at your home.

When it comes to décor, don’t forget about the foyer and outdoor areas. Guest suites that have their own separate entrance may have their own courtyard. In areas such as these, provide the guest with outdoor seating and extra touches such as a fountain or freestanding fireplace.

Guest Suite Amenities

If the guest suite does not contain a mini kitchen, create a small wet bar area to serve this purpose. At the very least, provide a personal coffeemaker so that the guest will not have to travel to your kitchen to have their morning coffee. Add an extra touch by providing them a Keurig® machine with a variety of different beverage choices. You may also choose to provide the guest with a small pantry which you have stocked with various food items such as granola bars and gourmet chocolates. Having a mini refrigerator filled with bottled water is sure to be appreciated, and having a small microwave would be as well.

A Wi-Fi Internet connection should be provided, along with a wired option. Having a large, flat-screen television on a rotating pedestal is ideal, so that cable television can be watched from different areas of the suite. A DVD player should accompany any flat-screen television which you place. Even though most people use their smartphones, provide the guest with their own telephone and alarm clock.


Whether you choose to design your own casita or private guest suite, it is all in the details. Coming up with some ideas of your own and discussing them with a home designer is sure to help you achieve the look you desire. Provide your guest with a perfect home away from home experience, which allows them to experience an optimum level of privacy and comfort during their stay.

Talk to your builder about adding a casista or guest suite to your new home and gain the benefits and added resale value they offer.

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