Hot Trends for Luxury Bathrooms

11 Feb Hot Trends for Luxury Bathrooms

custom bathroomIn your new home an elegant, luxurious bathroom is one of those touches you’ll appreciate every day. Think of your bathroom as a canvas for expressing yourself in your own private space.

Here are some interesting new design features for luxury bathrooms that are beginning to trend right now and elements you might want to consider when building your new home.

French Doors and Glass Walls

Even with perfect texture and exciting color, a closed-off bathroom can feel cramped and claustrophobic. An easy solution is to replace an interior wall with a glass panel or French doors. These bring in lots of extra light and give the room a calming, open feel. To maintain privacy, choose clouded glass to capture extra light without creating uncomfortable sight lines.

Expansive or Free-standing Tubs

The number one factor separating a luxury tub from a standard issue utilitarian tub is size. You don’t need a full-size hot tub, but a truly luxurious bath should hold two people comfortably for a long and relaxing evening. Aim for at least 55 gallons. Include a ledge or table somewhere near the bath with room for candles and soaps.

Heated Floors

Avoid the unpleasant chill of hopping in the shower on a cold winter morning with heated floors. This safe and effective technology sits flush underneath floor tiles, and you can set it to a timer so your feet will always feel cozy as you start your day. Look for energy-efficient versions to cut long-run costs and improve resale value.

Available Seating

bathroom trendsThe toilet should not be the only available seat in a bathroom. The easiest solution is to build a vanity with room for a small chair or stool in front of the mirror. If you’re looking to save space, installing a tub with an ample ledge can provide a bit of seating.

Rain Showers

There is no need to be sprayed in the face every morning by installing a rain shower. Rain showers pour water down vertically from the ceiling, providing a more efficient rinse and a natural feeling. Taller people love these showers because they never have to crouch to wash their faces and hair. These fixtures are often combined with wall-mount handle shower heads as well.

Unique Lighting

If you’re looking for a modern, innovative bathroom design, LED lighting provides a futuristic look and feel. A rain shower with built-in lighting can provide romance or a relaxing glow. Many offer natural sunlight simulators, so they’re great for darker winters when you might wake up before the sun.

Add a Skylight

If you love natural light, a skylight is a bathroom essential. They let in loads of sunlight and help regulate temperatures without burning energy. All that sunshine is also wonderful for waking up in the morning during the spring and summer hours. Many skylights are installed with automatic blinds to control the light.

Include Green Plants

It’s easy to overlook the relaxing effects of greenery in a bathroom, but once you’ve experienced it you’ll never go back. Succulents look great and thrive in open bathrooms, and they help to improve indoor air quality. Even better, some research suggests that sharing space with living plants helps lower blood pressure and improve mood.

Living Walls

If you’ve got a green thumb, a living wall covered in ivy or another climbing plant can make your bathroom unique and verdant. The bright green color allows it to function as a contrast wall, and guests will marvel at your living centerpiece. These walls are low maintenance, but they need natural sunlight to grow.

Built-In Storage

For a truly luxurious bathroom experience, you need built-in storage. A vanity is a great place to store cleaning supplies and spare toothbrushes. Built-in cabinetry with glass doors will allow you to showcase your fine linens and extra towels.

Get Creative with Tile

Don’t be afraid to take some creative risks with tile. Adding some texture to your floor can create wonderful contrasts with the smooth surfaces of the tub and counter top. Another option is to choose contrasting tile for the floor and walls. That helps give the room a more spacious and dynamic feel.

Get Curvy

Most modern interiors are all about straight lines, so a great way to stand out is to install curved walls. Curves feel calming and natural, and a partial wall with a nice parabolic shape can divide a room while still feeling inviting. Keep in mind that contractors will need some extra time to cut materials to size for a curved structure.

Easy Originality with Stone

freestanding tub in luxury homeIf you’re looking for an original touch, installing a slab or pure marble or onyx is the way to go. Both of these stones form beautiful patterns that are completely unique. A marble panel in your shower or on your counters is like having a artistic masterpiece signed by the earth herself.

Integrated Sound

Warm up your bathroom with integrated speakers. Modern speakers can blend in with surroundings and become virtually undetectable. You and your guests will appreciate the sound of a gentle rainstorm or crashing ocean waves while you shower or brush your teeth. Or, if you’re in a singing mood, pump in some of your favorite tunes, or even the morning stock reports.

Focus on Fixtures

Fixtures like sinks can really bring a room together. Long, elegant necks on sinks and light fixtures offer a touch of class and work well visually with rain showers.

Saunas and Steam Rooms

If you’ve got a little extra space, building a sauna or steam room is a wonderful option for pampering yourself. The Scandinavians have been exporting sauna culture around the world for decades, and the trend is really catching on. Spending time in the heat will improve your circulation and leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Don’t settle for a boring bathroom with the same old hospital white walls as everyone else. Make your bathroom a reflection of your personality and a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. These ideas are just the beginning. For more ways to improve your bath experience, contact your local ARH builder to get inspired.