Kitchen Trends For Luxury Homes

09 Jun Kitchen Trends For Luxury Homes

kitchen in custom homeA beautiful, well-appointed kitchen can be the heart of any luxury home. Achieving that perfect showcase kitchen look, however, is more than just substantial amounts of square footage and over-the-top appliances. Instead, a true luxury kitchen requires a subtle blend of exquisite materials, quality workmanship and the addition of value-added features.

Countertop Trends for 2014?

Granite counters, while still popular, are giving way to the rising demand of using one or more other materials. Custom concrete, stainless steel, quartz, marble and even sealed timber and butcher block are emerging into the limelight.

Many high-end kitchens use a mix of these countertop materials to contrast and help differentiate, or highlight, the functions of various areas. For instance, actual food prep and sink areas might be constructed of highly functional stainless steel, concrete or butcher block, while areas reserved for eating might rely on the use of a richly veined marble or sealed, furniture grade wood surface.

Quality Cabinetry Is Now More Important Than Ever Before

Custom cabinetry continues to add quality, comfort and lasting beauty to the high-end kitchen and bathroom designs for this year. Quality wood, such as walnut, maple and mahogany continue to dominate. In many kitchens, monochromatic cabinet color schemes remain popular, while in others a more eclectic mix of furniture-style pieces and modern cabinets work perfectly together. This effect magnifies, when surrounded by beautiful surfaces and gleaming appliances.

Beauty + Functionality = Timeless Cabinetry

High-end kitchens are able to offer glamorous expanses of gleaming, uncluttered countertops for a reason. Every cabinet, drawer and space is carefully planned and designed to offer the ultimate in convenience, storage and comfort. Here are some of the most desirable traits sought after in cabinetry this year:

  • Modern versions of the Lazy Susan corner cabinet, featuring a revolving storage area that pulls out to eliminate wasted space.
  • Wall cabinets with pull down shelving, allowing all stored items to be reached quickly, even in very tall cabinets, with no step stool needed.
  • Deep drawers pull out effortlessly and hold even large pots and bowls near the point of use.
  • Soft touch closures on drawers and cabinetry.

Designing With the Future in Mind

Adding high-end features will not only allow for maximum enjoyment of the home, it will also boost market value. Even though changes in taste occur, tasteful design choices, quality materials and stellar workmanship will continue to add value, for years to come.

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