Living Room Ideas for Your Home

12 Nov Living Room Ideas for Your Home

1291B_grea_1As the room where you probably spend most of your relaxation time, your living room needs to be a place that is comfortable and functional. However, it also needs to look great for when you entertain guests, and just to give you a place where you enjoy spending time. Whether you are planning to update your current space or build your own house and create the ideal living room, start with some home decorating ideas that incorporate the latest trends in living room decorating ideas.

Choose the right overall layout for your space: In a large living room, you should plan to set up your living room furniture seating away from the walls to make an intimate conversation space with an area rug in the center to hold it all together. In a smaller space, you may be better off placing the long couch on a wall and working a chair or two in as you can fit them. If your home has an open floor plan, like most of the new luxury and custom homes today, use a couch to help divide the living room from the neighboring room to define the space and make it feel cozy.

Select timeless furniture: As you select your living room furniture, remember that you will probably keep it through several years of changes in trends. Therefore, it is best to go with timeless choices that will remain through some future shifts in accessories. You are always safe with an upholstered couch with clean lines. Another living room idea is a sectional sofa that is perfect for entertaining large groups or lounging as a family. Your coffee tables and end tables should coordinate with the colors of the couch and fit with the feel of your living room, whether you have a more angular look or rounded lines.

Showcase personality with accessories and artwork: The best way to bring the latest style trends into your living room is with the decor. Start with a focal piece, whether it is a rug you love, a patterned throw pillow, or a piece of art for the wall. Then choose other accessories, including lamps and artwork, that fit with the color scheme and feel of that statement piece. Some popular living room decorating ideas these days include modern floral designs, tribal prints, animal prints, and splashes of bright hues. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that you really enjoy, and that makes you feel happy when you’re around it.

Integrate technology seamlessly: If you do most of your TV watching in your living room, you will need to choose where the TV will fit and orient the seating appropriately. You may want to get a large cabinet for the TV so you can cover the screen when you are not using it. Whether you have a TV in the living room or not, integrating a sound system will allow you to relax with high-quality music without affecting the look of your space. Living room ideas with technology are plentiful and there are many options for personalizing your space to reflect how you use it. Consider installing speakers in the ceiling if you build your own house or getting a sound bar that fills the room without needing multiple speakers and can be hidden from view. If you think about living room ideas for technology during your design phase, you are more likely to get a seamless look.

Make your living room a place for living:  Remember, this is your space, and so it should reflect your home, your tastes but can still make a statement. Whether it’s choosing the layout, selecting living room furniture, or choosing accessories to personalize your space, think ahead to what you can live with for some time.  Then, the next time you start thinking of living room ideas it will be because you want to, and not because you “have” to.