Make Your Custom Kitchen the Soul of Your New Luxury Home

29 Apr Make Your Custom Kitchen the Soul of Your New Luxury Home

If home is where the heart is, then the kitchen is surely the soul of that home. The kitchen is the cradle of nourishment, celebration, conviviality, and creation! Understanding the uniqueness of a home’s soul in order to personalize the kitchen space that it will inhabit is one of the most fulfilling and exciting aspects of designing custom kitchens.


Party in the Kitchen!

Pool parties, sit-down dinner parties, and stand-up hors d’oeuvres garden parties – they all end up in the kitchen, regardless of where you intend them to take place! There is something about assembling together in the kitchen while food is being prepared that seems to appeal to our evolutionary, gathering around the communal fire pit past. So invite your favorite tribe to convene around the wood-burning fireplace in your kitchen, or at the very least, around your AGA or indoor grill.

Offer guests comfy seating at a large center island, or a double island if space permits. You can use the island’s built-in prep sink while chatting with your friends, or just hold court with a relaxed smile while you replenish wine glasses. Consider putting a cooktop into the island to provide even more interactive opportunities with guests. A commercial grade, six-burner Russell range with a barbecue, perhaps?

If you love to entertain and do so often, two built-in refrigerators and two dishwashers are features to include in your custom kitchen design plans. An under-sink ice maker is a must-have, and a full-sized wine refrigerator is a want-to-have! Refrigerator drawers for keeping produce chilled and warming drawers for breads and pastries are very useful touches to incorporate.

Share Your Custom Kitchen with a Favorite Chef

1218B_kitc_smallNot all of us love to cook, but most of us love to eat and drink! The best way to make everyone happy is to bring in your favorite chef or caterer for the event. You get impeccable food, attentive service, and a thorough clean up, while your guests get maximum face time with you! This is where a walk-in pantry and a walk-in refrigerator really pay off. Your guest chef can enjoy plenty of room to stock their ingredients and comfortably spread out.

It’s possible for you to design a custom kitchen so magnificent and well equipped that the chef will wish it were her own! Why not hold a “How to Make a Flawless Risotto” party? Provide all guests with a monogrammed apron upon arrival and a full glass of Sangiovese. Let the guest chef walk everyone through the patience and artistry that perfect, creamy risotto requires. What a great opportunity to show off your wall-mounted pot filler.

When it comes time to refill the wine glasses, wow guests with a built-in, four-bottle wine dispenser. The touch panel displays allow you to showcase four different Italian varietals and vintages. Friends can help themselves to single tastes or full glass refills throughout the night while they buzz around the kitchen and continue to stir that pot of risotto to perfection.

At night’s end, after the last crumb of tiramisu is gone, send guests home full, content, and sated in dark espresso, courtesy of your in-wall cappuccino maker.

While you’re on an international, interactive kitchen party theme roll, how about following up Italian Night with a sushi-rolling party? Hire a master of the nori to inspire your guests with the intricacies of crafting yummy lobster and eel rolls.

And for the younger family members, a pizza making party for birthdays, or sleepovers, or just because! You’ll be glad to have double ovens when a dozen teenagers are all eager to bake their dough!

Consider a Butler’s Pantry

If you have the space, a butler’s pantry can be a wonderful addition to the luxury kitchen design. During catered events, it offers additional prep and clean up space. The panty provides extra storage space for china, silver, linens, candles, and glassware.

You might put a sink, coffee bar, and a small wine cabinet in the butler’s pantry. It’s a perfect place to install your second dishwasher so that catering help can use it as a clearing space. Many couples find themselves reserving the large, main kitchen for entertaining and equipping the butler’s pantry to accommodate their needs when it’s just the two of them eating at home. It’s much more convenient to tidy up a small space!

A Recipe for Family Memories

No matter the food, it always tastes better when Grandma makes it! Luxury kitchens that are designed with all the generations in mind encourage and support the sharing of quality time spent preparing family favorites that children never forget. It’s also a wonderful way to teach children at a young age that home-cooked meals are not only the healthiest, but also the most fun. Who knows? Your little apprentice might be the culinary rock star of her generation.

Cooking with a child by your side over a sleek, modern, energy efficient induction cooktop can be loads of fun and a tremendous learning experience for the child. With the ability to separate cooking zones and control temperatures with precision, you have ultimate flexibility to experiment with a multitude of cooking modes and cookware options. And because the cooktop stays cool to the touch, it’s a safer way for children to experiment with heat. Cook up a huge pot of spaghetti and demonstrate the difference between a slow boil and rolling boil.

Why not designate a menu-planning center in your luxury kitchen design, ideally in an area that offers a view of the garden? This provides you with an inspiring work station at which to sit and write out your grocery lists and menu ideas as soon as they come to you. Put chairs for the children close to your chair at the desk so that they, too, can draft up lists of needed ingredients. This reinforces not just their language and writing skills, but can also help them learn to plan. Their math abilities also come into play, as they are encouraged to think in terms of measurements and quantities.

Be sure to save space for a cookbook shelf in your custom kitchen! You’ll want all of those inspirational recipes and photos close by when you’re ready to get creative. Designate a shelf where the children in the family can store their favorite recipes and idea journals right alongside yours. Reading and following recipes to create delicious meals and snacks is an empowering experience for young children. Enjoying the results of their efforts and patience in the kitchen builds confidence and self-esteem. Just as importantly, these experiences shared with you in the kitchen are memories that will last a lifetime!

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