What You Need To Know Before Moving Into Your New Home

05 Aug What You Need To Know Before Moving Into Your New Home

moving into new homeMoving into a newly built custom house is an exciting adventure. The house has been planned to meet the your exact specifications, making it the ideal place for you to settle down and call home. Moving into any house, however, requires planning and preparations and can be a significant amount of work. Here are the steps that anyone moving into their new, beautiful custom built home should follow to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Inspect furniture and valuables as they arrive

Although moving companies might pledge to be careful, all too often furniture gets dented or scratched or valuables get damaged during transit. Rather than wait until all the boxes are unpacked, the first step should always be to inspect everything to make sure nothing was damaged in transit. If there are any problems, check the policies and contract you signed with the moving company to determine the best way to handle it.

Start fresh where you can

People love their custom built homes because the house has been constructed exactly the way they had always dreamed their perfect house would be. Take this comfort level and design a step further and use the opportunity of the move to invest in some additional items that will specifically match your new custom home and the features that you have always wanted. Whether you want to upgrade your small appliances or are looking for a new couch, there is no better time to make these transitions when everything has to be sorted and moved anyway. Arthur Rutenberg Home Design Centers can help you find that perfect piece of artwork or couch. You can work with a professional interior designer, often at about the same cost as buying items retail!

Start the unpacking process with your home’s essentials

Unpacking an entire life’s worth of belongings can take a very long time. You should begin the process by unpacking the essentials. You are going to need to eat, and you are probably going to need a nice cup of coffee to get through the next twenty boxes coming through the door, so start with the kitchen. You will also need to sleep to recover from the move, so progress to the bedrooms as quickly as possible. Showering and washing up will also be important for those going through a move, so the bathrooms should be next on the list of priorities. After these three areas of the house, living rooms, TV rooms, playrooms, and dining rooms can all be sorted out.

Learn more about your community

Now that you have your dream house constructed and your belongings are at least in the house, it is time to get to know your community. Start local by speaking with your neighbors. Ask them questions about your neighborhood and try to start up some conversations that could eventually lead to friendships. Compliment their houses and see if they have any recommendations for landscaping professionals or other service providers you may be needing.

You should also get to know your areas businesses. Determine if there are any eateries that are within walking distance or that deliver for those nights when no one wants to make dinner. See where the best restaurants are, if there are any art galleries, small shops, and what community events occur regularly. Bringing all of these elements together can help you transform your house into a home.

Moving into your new custom built home is an exciting time. Now that you have the house of your dreams, you need to make it yours. While unpacking and getting settled can be a long process, it does not have to be stressful. Follow the above advice and get started settling into your new home.

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