New Trends For Your Luxury Kitchen

05 Feb New Trends For Your Luxury Kitchen

Homeowners who are planning to design a new kitchen, or remodel their existing one in 2015 have a lot to think about. Some of the newest kitchen trends this year are a complete reversal of long standing kitchen design standards. The trendiest kitchens of 2015 will take inspiration from the past and embrace the technology of the present to create a room which provides usability, convenience and style. Here are some of the best kitchen ideas for kitchen designs in 2015.


Walk-in pantries and wine closets

kitchen wine storageStorage has always been an essential part of kitchen design. In 2015, the concept of designing a kitchen’s storage space moves away from the idea that food and kitchen equipment needs to be limited to the kitchen itself. As a result, we are likely to see an increase in the popularity of walk-in pantries and wine closets.

The reason behind this new kitchen trend is two-fold. One, by moving necessary storage out of the food preparation area, more space is able to be devoted to creating and enjoying meals. In addition, wine closets and food pantries create a new space which is separated from the main kitchen. This space allows for creative new options of entertaining. Imagine the possibility of hosting a wine tasting in a room devoted to wine, or turning a well-thought out food pantry into a versatile additional eating area.

Depending on the needs of the homeowners, a pantry or wine closet can be closed off with a door to create a private space, or it may be left open to the main kitchen to have a more casual feel.


A black and white color scheme

black and white kitchenWhile stainless steel appliances have been an extremely popular option over the years, in 2015 the kitchen trend is moving away from a kitchen full of steel in favor of black appliances. Black appliances look stunning when paired with white cabinetry and counter tops. As an alternative, white appliances and black cabinetry and work surfaces offer a similar look Both black and white kitchen options are extremely modern and clean, although the monochromatic look can work well equally as well in a variety of home styles from modern to casual. Adding black or white trim and furniture can really highlight the kitchen’s extreme contrast and provide a wow factor.

It is important to carry the two tone palette throughout a black and white kitchen, or the impact is diminished. This means your lighting and fixture selection should work well with the color scheme. Recessed lighting paired with black wall sconces, and black or white glass drop pendant lighting are all excellent choices for this type of kitchen. Large black fixtures look the best for these kitchens, but the installation of a darker colored brass or copper faucet can add warmth and relieve some of the austerity of this color choice.


Updated backsplashes

kitchen back splash trendsBackslashes using an intricate tile design is a great kitchen idea to build a subtle focal point in any kitchen without sacrificing the constancy of your kitchen’s color and style choices. Homeowners can chose from a variety of natural stone, glass, metal or ceramic tiles to create a pleasing and practical backsplash. While ceramic tiles are still the most common choice for blacksplashes, the use of glass tiles has seen a recent upsurge of popularity, a trend which is sure to continue. Whichever tiles homeowners use, keeping color choices subdued, but creating an impressive design using smaller tile sizes allows the backsplash to impress without detracting from the overall effect of the kitchen.


Incorporating smart appliances into the kitchen design

Smart kitchen appliances have reached a point where they are now more than simply novelties, but are helpful accessories of the modern kitchen. From refrigerators which help you to keep track of your food, to stoves which automatically contact maintenance and repair services, smart kitchen appliances have finally matured to the point where they are worth considering if you are designing a new kitchen.

The installation of electrical outlets with built-in USB will be a very popular upgrade for kitchens in 2015. With our dependency on smart phones and tablets, conveniently located USB plugs are more than a luxury, they are truly a necessity.


Work surfaces and eating places

Like storage, there can never be enough counter space in a kitchen. Designs focusing on providing plenty of counter-top space continue their popularity. The real change in 2015 is what homeowners plan on using these surfaces to do.

One of the newest kitchen trends is to set aside coveted counter space to accommodate a desk. This is huge change which is a reflection on how the use of the kitchen has shifted from a dedicated space to cook and eat, into a more multipurpose room.

Homeowners will continue to demand breakfast bars for casual eating, but more room will be set aside for table dining in the kitchen. Islands are still popular with many homeowners for their practicality, but the size will have a slightly smaller footprint. To make up for cooking space lost to other uses, slide-out prepping stations


Metallic accents and fixtures

cool kitchen ideasIt is always the little details which make the biggest difference. For a kitchen, getting the fixtures and accents right is the difference between a decent kitchen and something which homeowners can proudly show off. In 2015, the hottest wow factor are metallic accents and fixtures.

There are lots of choice when it comes to using metal in a kitchen. Stainless steel is the traditional choice, but today’s kitchen trends are pointing to the use of copper, and brass. Copper and brass began to become popular in kitchen designs during the later half of 2014, and the trend shows no signs of stopping.

There are ample opportunities to bring copper or brass into your kitchen. Brass or copper faucets look fantastic in a wide range of kitchens. Metallic lighting fixtures are a great choice. Even if you are not able to fit a brass faucet or copper lighting into your current design, consider using brass hardware for your cabinetry.

It is no secret that creating a kitchen which is both practical and beautiful is a huge job. Making a mistake in the design phase can leave homeowners wishing they had spent more time planning.