The Perfect View: Why You Should Build Your Custom Home On Your Lot

18 Feb The Perfect View: Why You Should Build Your Custom Home On Your Lot

Home sweet (custom built) home!

build on your lotYou have reached the exciting and momentous decision of building your custom dream home. By investing in a custom home, you and your family can attain exactly the type of home you want, in terms of size, style, and specialty offerings.

The house’s customization, however, does not have to end with the walls of the home. While a piece of property in a neighborhood or planned community is attractive in some respects- club houses, golf courses, and other pre-planned amenities- the flexibility of building your custom home on a lot of your choosing offers a variety of unique benefits. 

Let’s discuss 5 smart reasons a home owner may choose to build their dream home on their own lot.

You can choose the perfect type of land for you. Building in a planned neighborhood automatically rules out many options that can be available to you if you choose your own lot. Love the mountains? Choose a piece of land with a mountain view. Enjoy the lake? Decide on a lake lot that offers access to the water. Need a helicopter pad? Buy a piece of property that is outside of areas ruled by city noise restrictions. The possibilities open up greatly when you really begin thinking about the specific lifestyle, view, and space you crave with the house of your dreams. 

It frees up community restrictions. When talking with luxury home owners, a good and not so great point they will inevitably make about their property will be the power of the homeowner’s association. While this organization typically guards the property values of the neighborhood by prohibiting inappropriate dwellings, excessive clutter, or atrocious colors, sometimes, well, they can be real pains. Home owners desiring more freedom of choice for their property may not want to tangle with the restrictions of a strict homeowner’s association. Building on a lot that is independent of a homeowner’s association makes a great deal of sense in this situation, and can circumvent headaches down the road.

It allows for greater customization. A main reason you are choosing to custom build a home in the first place is most likely because you desire amenities not readily available in houses already on the market. These may be specific layouts (multi-family homes is an example that comes to mind), large outdoor entertaining areas,  and extra privacy. Owning and building on your own lot give you the freedom to integrate any and all amenities you and your family desire into your future residence. After all, if you are taking the time and making the investment to build it, you should be able to get exactly what you want.

It enables you to build on a larger piece of property. When you imagine your dream home, is it surrounded by a sweeping expanse of land on all sides? Building a home on many acres of land is most likely not going to be a reality within a planned neighborhood. By choosing to purchase your own lot, you can choose as many acres as you feel you need to secure your comfort and privacy. 

It offers more leeway in outbuildings, guest houses. Constructing a separate building to house your home office, a five car garage, or a guest house for visiting family and friends may be part of your dream house plans. If your luxury home plans include more than just the main house, building your custom home on a separately purchased piece of property may be the ideal solution. Your own lot can allow you the flexibility of customizing outbuildings to fit your plans and lifestyle.

custom homeDepending on your situation and the amenities you want included in your dream home, choosing your own lot may be the ideal choice for you and your family. Along with the benefits, there are a few items to consider when you are deciding on the property for your future residence. 

First, have the land professionally evaluated.

Engage the builder and ask for an evaluation of the property, and whether or not your luxury home plans will be a good fit. The last issue you want on your hands is a property that is too narrow, or not flat enough, or harbors some other issue that causes it to not mesh well with the plans of your dream home. 

Then, consider the potential additional cost.

A piece of property in a less-developed or more remote area can add to the overall cost of the build. Transporting the materials and the building crew travel time are just a few expenses that will most likely increase when building on your own lot. Analyze the numbers and determine if the amenities the property offers will be worth the extra expense on your part. 

Finally, choose an experienced builder you trust.

Perhaps the most critical aspect of the build, and the one that will set a successful or dismal outcome right off the bat, is choosing the builder you trust to handle the job. A custom home on the lot of your choosing will require a great deal of expertise. A builder who is not accustomed to the type of terrain the house will sit on, or the materials that are needed to make the structure sound, can end up producing disastrous and outrageously expensive results. Talk to the builder about the type of materials required for your specific lot, drainage issues, insulation, and the heating and cooling needs of your particular luxury home plans. Make certain all your questions are answered in an honest, straightforward manner. 

When building a luxury custom home on your own lot, the sky is the limit in what can be accomplished and the amenities that can be enjoyed. It pays you to carefully think about the type of home that will best fit you and your family’s needs and lifestyle. Once you decide whether or not building on your own lot is the right decision for you, talk with your builder to set the plan to get your dream home underway!

Find your custom home plans here and then lets talk about building a home on a lot for you!