Secrets of Custom Home Design Centers

03 Jun Secrets of Custom Home Design Centers

What you need to know before you visit a design center if you are building a custom home.

Secret 1: Design Centers are a must for custom home buyers
Secret 2: Design Centers don’t make products more expensive
Secret 3: Do your homework before you go.

Design Centers are a must for custom home buyers

Building your own custom home allows you to have a say in the way everything in your custom space comes together to fit your lifestyle. Customers typically visit a design center or model where they can see the products they are choosing for their new luxury custom home. This avoids surprises when you move in.

Design centers are also staffed by design professionals where luxury home buyers get assistance with matching, and selection of furniture, products or finishes. Design professionals can create space plans and visuals to show you how furniture placement, fabrics and finishes look together so you can visualize your new home. Building a luxury custom home involves making lots of decisions and using professionals to help you can keep you from becoming overwhelmed and assure the process of customizing your home stays fun and enjoyable.

Design Centers don’t make products more expensive

Arthur Rutenberg Homes Design Studios help create homes that reflect the customers who live in them. They provide the very best in professional advice and services, and they do all the work to obtain superior products, treatments and finishes at competitive prices. Strong buying leverage and special trade discounts means that you don’t pay a premium for getting exactly what you want in your new custom home.

Do your homework before you go.

First, sit down and have a conversation with the people you will be living with. Now is the time to discuss opinions on rooms, colors styles, etc.

Take an inventory on furniture you want to incorporate into your new home. You can always sell or donate furniture for a tax write off or to fund additional purchases. Take pictures of the furniture you plan on bringing to your new custom home.

Buy some design magazines for inspiration and cut out pictures to bring with you. The newest trends in cabinets and counters are often featured. There are many websites with examples of interesting images, like Focus on colors and finishes and even lighting instead of the actual furniture pieces.

Think about what everyone will actually “do” in each room. Traffic flow and usage will influence the materials you should select for each area.

Don’t be afraid to speak up or ask questions. This is your home and you will have to live there. A great designer can remove features you don’t like and take elements you love and work around them… but only if you tell them!

Be prepared to answer questions about your lifestyle, likes and dislikes. These questions are designed to help more quickly narrow down all the options available and make your experience positive.

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