Spring Party Ideas in Bloom-How To Throw a Luxury Party in Your Home

07 Apr Spring Party Ideas in Bloom-How To Throw a Luxury Party in Your Home

What could be more energizing, renewing, and life affirming than planning a few spring parties? The mild weather, gorgeous pops of color, and budding bits of green everywhere you look just beg to be celebrated. And so does your gorgeous home!

Whether invited guests are dear friends, business associates, community connections or beloved family members, your next spring party’s capacity to wow and thrill is as unlimited as your imagination. Here are some “seed” ideas to set your creative wheels in motion.

Celebrate Your Region

pool party ideasChoose a high-end spring party theme that has everything to do with the region of the country that you call home. Are you a southern coastal dweller? How about a low country or seafood boil staged in your garden or on your deck? Seat guests at picnic tables with tablecloths made of butcher paper where they can pull the crab and shrimp apart with no pretense of formality or neatness. Illuminate the festivities with clusters of hanging lights using vintage, nautical-themed lanterns as centerpieces.

Put your outdoor fire pit to great use by hosting an oyster roast. Have specialty vodkas on hand for oyster shooters. Offer a generously stocked s’mores station for dessert with several gourmet chocolate choices. In addition to the traditional graham crackers and marshmallows, have chocolate peanut butter cups, Nutella, bananas, strawberries, and ginger snaps on hand!

Are you lucky enough to live near a wine region? Build your spring party theme around all things grape, incorporating your wine cellar into the festivities. Consult with your caterer to plan an extensive food and wine-pairing menu that will transport guests to one of the world’s major wine regions: France, Italy, Spain, or South America. Request that guests come attired in the garb of the designated country. Hire a mariachi band, an opera singer, or a harpist to complement the national mood of the food and wine pairings.

Are you a desert dweller who lives in your pool for half the year? Make your swimming pool the focal point of the party, whether anyone actually swims or not. Welcome each guest with a personalized beach tote bag stocked with a sun visor or straw hat, a colorful beach towel, and a pair of rubber thongs. Have the outdoor grills all fired up and ready to go with grass-fed beef and bison burgers and free-range chicken kabobs. You’ll want to have the ice cream maker churning up banana-coconut and key lime pie ice cream. For a surprising twist, hire an ice sculptor who can carve out a thematic masterpiece while guests track the progression and stay cool by the pool.

Support Community Charities

pool partyIt’s always rewarding to create events designed to support others in the community. Designate a local charitable organization as the recipient of all fundraising from your spring party and in exchange, provide a dynamic learning experience for guests who are happy to donate to the cause.

Bring in two well-known chefs to stage a “Top Chef/Iron Chef” type competition in your well-equipped kitchen. Split your guests into two opposing teams, unveil the mystery ingredient, and allow each chef to orchestrate a menu with their team, teaching and inspiring them through every step. Be sure to have personalized aprons for each guest at the ready!

Hire a pair of ballroom dancers to coach your guests through the nuances of the quickstep, rhumba, or tango. Hold your own “Dancing with the Stars” glitter ball trophy competition in your game room or outside on a rented stage. Ask guests to come dressed in the clothing designed for their favorite ballroom dance. Book a DJ to play songs appropriate for each style of dance that the instructors will be teaching.

Honor Local Artists

Approach local galleries, collectives, or art alliances in the community and ask their members to provide a sampling of original works available for purchase. Hang paintings on walls and display them on easels throughout your home, acting as gallery for the day. Showcase sculptures and three-dimensional works on pedestals positioned throughout your home and garden. Ply guests with champagne in flutes and elegant hors d’oeuvres passed on trays by waiters dressed in artist smocks and berets.

Arrange for a local a cappella group or barbershop quartet to stroll through the event, performing crowd favorites and taking requests. With everyone on their feet, flowing through your home, enjoying beautiful art, food, champagne, and music — this has the potential to be a very lively event.

If you live near a university or college that offers a filmmaking program, invite a student filmmaker to screen their masterpiece in your home theater. Space and weather permitting, show the film outside, either projecting it onto the side of your house or a rental screen. Provide lawn seating with blankets and lounge chairs, an outdoor, full bar tended by a talented mixologist, and a rented popcorn machine churning out buttery goodness. The aspiring filmmaker will receive valuable feedback from your guests, and maybe even line up some donors for future film projects.

Enlist Expert Help

outdoor kitchenIn addition to a fabulous caterer and the necessary clean up crew, consider brining in additional help to make things flow as smoothly as possible for both you and your guests. Use parking valets to oversee traffic control and help you stay compliant with any neighborhood parking restrictions. Have a designated coat and purse check person available to store and guard guests’ possessions, allowing them to move around more freely. Hire a talented photographer to shoot stills and videos so that you can send each guest a video compilation as a “thank you for coming” souvenir.

Bring in fun furniture that fits your theme or charity: wild animal prints, hot neon colors that light up, vintage art deco. If you rent outdoor tents, hang a crystal chandelier inside the tent. The juxtaposition will delight guests.

Send each guest home with a spring party favor. Perhaps a gift basket from a popular gourmet store in your community, or a blooming potted plant that epitomizes spring.

Even if the extent of your high-end spring party is a small, intimate dinner for a few couples that you cook yourself, availing yourself of help will allow you to fully enjoy your guests. Hire your favorite local mixologist for the night, and ask a trusted food server from a restaurant that you frequent if they would like to moonlight for an evening. This luxury allows you to relax at the table and enjoy the lovely meal that you’ve prepared with your guests, while capable professionals see to the service details and the clean up.

Find your luxury home now wherever you are.