The Custom Builder Difference

23 Jul The Custom Builder Difference

Arthur Rutenberg Homes Custom Builder Difference

Arthur Rutenberg Homes is a custom home builder. But, there are many types of home building companies out there. We know it can be challenging understanding who builds where and what. So, here are some short guidelines.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes as a custom builder does the following:

  • Builds on Your Lot or Ours:  Meaning we’ll build on land that you own or on land that one of our Arthur Rutenberg Homes franchised building companies’ own (See Find Your Home). Or we’ll help you to find a Lot with you.
  • Builds One-of-a-Kind Homes: A custom home is built for a specific client from a set of plans that were developed specifically to meet the needs of the home buyer.  The basis of the design may be one of the plans in our 80 plus plan portfolio or we can start with a blank sheet of paper offering design build services to develop a truly one-of–a-kind customized home plan (See View Our Plan Collection).

An Arthur Rutenberg Homes franchised builder is a “limited production” custom homebuilder; meaning we purposely limit the number of homes we build and can start in any given month.

Why? Custom homes are more complex and take more time to build than a “boxy” look alike production home. We must ensure we get all of the details right. To do this we need to follow an organized pre-start process so we can proceed and build without starting and stopping and waiting for decisions.

In contrast, production home builders generally offer the following services:

  • Build on land they own.
  • Use stock plans that can offer a limited number of plan choices with a limited number of options.
  • Build a  large volume of homes.

These companies are generally not local companies but are national or regional in scope, with most of the profits returning not to the local economy, but to publicly owned corporations.