Top 10 Reasons Realtors Choose Arthur Rutenberg Homes

07 Nov Top 10 Reasons Realtors Choose Arthur Rutenberg Homes

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1. Respect   
We respect your client relationship and we compensate you when your registered clients build with us.

 2. Quick-Pay     
We offer the selling agent a 3% commission and pay commissions faster than other builders. You receive 100% when the home starts.

3. Protection
Once your client is registered with us, we protect your commission for up to 90 days.

4. Convenience
We know your time is valuable so we allow registrations in person, by phone, fax or email. In order to serve your clients better we require their known buying criteria on all registrations.

5. Customer Satisfaction
We know how important happy customers are to your future success. Satisfied customers refer their friends and family.

6. Value
Our standard features and benefits look like most builders’ option lists. That means no hidden costs, and happier customers.

7. Selection    
Our award-winning Design Collection provides you with a selection of more than 75 exceptional plans ranging from 1,800 to 7,000 square feet.

8. Service After The Sale   
We provide the best guarantees in the business. Just ask us about our Builder Service Guarantee, as well as our Gold Standard Delivery Program.

9. The Builder Team     
Our subcontractors and suppliers are selected based on their reliability and attention to quality.

10. We Love Paying Real Estate Commissions
Realtors are our partners in providing for the housing needs of our buyers. We both win. Let’s connect!


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