To build or buy: Reasons why a custom home is right for you

A home is (and should be) every inch a reflection of what you love in life: a space for your family to thrive, a place to express your individuality and style, an area that is equal parts your personal sanctuary and a comfortable gathering place for those you hold dear. So, when it comes to your new home, should you [...]

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Cash vs. Financing: Pros and Cons

Making the decision to purchase a custom home is the first step in the home buying process. The second step is whether paying cash or financing is the best option. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. All homebuyers are different, and what is best for one may not be best for you. We detail some of the pros and [...]

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3 Must Haves in Your Custom Home Kitchen

It’s long been said that “the kitchen is the heart of the home,” and it generally holds true. It’s where most of your time as a family will be spent. So it’s important that it is not only functional, but also matches the level of detail in the rest of your custom home. There are always new kitchen ideas – [...]

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3 Simple Steps to Make Your Custom Home Dream a Reality

You’ve decided it’s time to move out of your current rental property, or the home you bought a few years ago, into your dream home. Building a custom home in Nashville is a big undertaking, but by going into it armed with the knowledge you need, you can turn your dreams into reality in what will feel like no time [...]

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Man Caves: A New Trend for Custom Homebuyers

The beauty of designing a custom home in Middle Tennessee is that you can make sure that it has everything that you want now and into the future. Families today are adding everything from outdoor entertainment areas, to child study stations, to multiple master suites to their custom homes. One of the biggest trends we’ve seen in recent years is [...]

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Bigger, Better Closets an Emerging Trend for Nashville Custom Homes

They say home is where the heart is - and for a growing number of Middle Tennessee residents, that means seeking solutions to tailor every aspect of their custom home to fit their lifestyles. The latest trend? Building bigger closets. At Arthur Rutenberg Homes, we’ve seen that larger closets, or “dressing rooms” in some cases, are becoming focal points of [...]

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