Breaking News:

We are pleased to announce we are one of the preferred builders in Haddington in Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch

Lot release scheduled for Friday April 20!

It’s Back!

We are very pleased to bring back the Community Update, you will see it as a permanent link across the top of our Blog page, just below the ARH logoo banner.  Check back often to see what is new and to get the latest updates on our great Arthur Rutenberg Homes designs.

So What Is New?

* New communities for us: Go to our Where We Build page to hear more about our newest communities the Lake Club at Lakewood Ranch, Marshalls Landing and now the Concession.

* We are pleased to announce our newly updated web site which includes this great new Blog capability and our new Live Chat feature.

* Our new Bermuda 1129B model open since May has been a huge hit!  It is a completely new design that has really caught on – read the story on it’s design here or click here to go to our Bermuda web page.

* Our brand new Bardmoor model, newly opened and already sold this past January 2012 in Secret Harbor here in Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch.  The newly redesigned model the Bardmoor 1172B takes our popular Bardmoor II design and brings it to 2012 using the best of our Bermuda design!

* Check out our Custom Bardmoor inventory, ready to move in August 2012.

* Watch for news on our upcoming Marbella model to be started soon in Lake Club.

* Watch for news on our upcoming Amalfi model coming up in the Concession.

* What is the next new community in Country Club East?  It is named Haddington and is set to be released hopefully in the coming weeks, we have applied to be one of the preferred builders.  If we are fortunate enough to be accepted, watch this space for more details.  It will have 62′ and 76′ home sites and it is located on the east side of the large lake that Secret Harbor is on to the west.  We are working on an enhanced version of the new Bardmoor model with some new great ideas.  Watch for news!

* Everything Included – really?    Yes, really!   Our Bermuda 1129B model is our second EI model home and the Bardmoor 1172B the third.  It is a lot of fun to see the smiles of new home buyers and browsers alike when they hear that there are no upgrades.  Blog, Chat, Call or come into our Bermuda or Bardmoor model to learn more.

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