The Bermuda 1129 - model floor plan

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Bermuda Model Arthur Rutenberg Homes
2012 Model of the Year!

Our new Bermuda model opened on May 13, 2011 and immediately turned a lot of heads here in Lakewood Ranch!

An all new floor plan, the Bermuda combined many of the features that our buyers – You to be exact – were telling us you wanted.

In fact the early response was so great that most of our neighbors found their way in with their design staffs in tow.  If it sounds like we are used to that, you are correct and yes we enjoy setting and raising the bar with each new Arthur Rutenberg Homes floor plan.

How we got here is an interesting tale.  I spent many years in ever larger and more famous model homes including the Rhapsody, St Augustine VII, the Biscayne III and arguably the most famous the Bellagio II.  As with all trends tastes in size and finish change and my first model here in Country Club East was the Cancun 1055.  It is a fantastic plan that I would not mind living in myself, but being just 1,977 S.F., it was not the type of model home the people in Sarasota, Bradenton and especially Lakewood Ranch were used to seeing Arthur Rutenberg Homes show.

One of our greatest strengths; in my opinion, is our ability to listen to what our customers want and then to actually make it a reality.  So we started listening and keeping track of what you told us when you canme through our Cancun.  When planning for the yet un-named Bermuda started; we shared about a dozen ideas with our Builder Derek Nelson, who was very open to what we were proposing.  Some of the ideas we just knew we would not see, but nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

We heard you did not want a Dining Room, a full nine out ten told us that and there was more:  No walking in the front door and seeing an open bathroom door.  You wanted bedrooms that open into hallways not spill right into the common living areas.  You had other ideas as well – a big Kitchen, extra storage, no bathtub in Master Bath, a separate non-walk through Utility Room, did I say ta BIG Kitchen and still more…Derek, who was really the true driving force behind the Bermuda took our notes and made his pitch to the design specialists, adding his own ideas to the plan to keep it at a great price, make sure it works on our lots and in our community.  The designers took over and with valuable input from everyone from Derek to interior design to Art Rutenberg himself and some back and forth wrestling with ideas we got this drawing:

Bermuda 1129 - Early floor plan rendering
Early Bermuda Floor Plan Rendering

From this hand drawing came the final plan you see today and our beautiful model here in Lakewood Ranch.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, the most “discussed” changes were the tub in the Master Bath, it is still there and the the Dining Room.  We show a Casual Dining area in our model and it has been a big hit; but for you that like a dining room, we have a Bermuda version for you too!

Flash forward to today, just four months after the Bermuda model opened.  The model itself has already been sold to a wonderful family from England and it will continue to be open through the end of 2012 for you to view.  (Click Here for directions).  We invite you to come see our beautiful model.

We are currently building or getting ready to build six versions of it now with more in the design and quoting phases.  We have also happily seen it pop up in several other Arthur Rutenberg Homes franchises sales list as well.  Currently our Bermuda design book has over a dozen different companion plans ranging from 2,797 S.F. to over 4,000 S.F. two-story version with five bedrooms and a send story Bonus Room.  Perhaps one of these designs or maybe one tailored for your family’s specific needs might be in your future.