The Brand

The Arthur Rutenberg Homes brand is recognized throughout the homebuilding industry as the leader in both custom homes and progressive business management systems. Our brand, systems and franchising network were so highly regarded that we were named Builder of the Year by Professional Homebuilder Magazine. Our brand and home designs continue to receive wide acclaim and awards annually.

Most importantly, buyers ask for the Arthur Rutenberg Homes Brand by name. While our roots are in Florida, our customers are spread throughout the south eastern United States. And, because all of our franchises advertise their businesses as Arthur Rutenberg Homes, new building companies enjoy instant credibility.

Ultimately this translates into more traffic at your sales office with less advertising. The brand has pricing power, Arthur Rutenberg Homes command – and receive – a premium price based solely on the name and what it represents.

The name also gives franchisees credibility with land developers, subcontractors and lenders.

More than 20,000 Arthur Rutenberg Homes have been built since 1978. Our home buyers are proud to be associated with the name Arthur Rutenberg, and know that when the time comes to sell their home, it will acheive a premium value.

Realtors know that every Arthur Rutenberg Home features superior design that is built to last.


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