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Marc Rutenberg leads the building company, Waterton, LLC, the Pinellas County branch of the Arthur Rutenberg Homes franchise. Marc and Art have long enjoyed family dinners and Sunday breakfasts together as Nephew and Uncle; today, these two exemplars of forward-thinking design flex their building muscles together. President of Marc Rutenberg Homes since 1991, Marc Rutenberg leads the two companies side by side in Pinellas County: Marc Rutenberg Homes, founded in 1991, and Waterton, LLC, founded in 2013. At Arthur Rutenberg Homes, we mean it all the more when we say, "Welcome to the family, Marc!"

Pinellas County, already the most densely populated county in the state of Florida, not only has some of the most beautiful beaches and waterfronts, but also has several unique attributes for Arthur Rutenberg Homes. Here, we focus far more on On-Your-Lot homes. Whether you already own a homesite or need help finding a place to make your own, Marc leads Waterton, LLC with his 30-year tradition of beautiful, imaginative design to bring you the Arthur Rutenberg home of your dreams.

Marc began his home building career in the late 1970s working with his late father, Charles Rutenberg (Art's brother). Always with the mindset of innovation, some of today's mainstays of home design are traced back to the Rutenberg family's ideas, most notably the split-family floorplan, in which the master suite is separated from the other sleeping areas in the home. And when Marc began to follow the family's footsteps, Uncle Art flew his 'copter to Spring Hill, FL to see a crazy idea that his nephew (Marc) had installed in his first Model Home there: plant shelves. In fact, Spring Hill was one of the first communities created under Marc's lead, and within a short time, he was running the family home building operations throughout Tampa Bay.

Later, in 1987, Charlie's mandate was to create an affordable home alongside the luxury homes for which the Rutenberg name is most well-known. Marc bested the challenge when he created the Homes for Young America project, some of the most innovative architectural work and market strategy the industry has ever seen. The designs were eye-catching, energetic, and captured the heart of the young starter family. In just two years, by 1989, Homes for Young America was delivering 300 homes annually and gaining national attention.

In 1991, Marc put his own name on the door with Marc Rutenberg Homes with an aspiration to kick up the customization, complexity, and scale of his homes. Here, Marc places the emphasis on performance, beauty, and sustainability. Marc Rutenberg Homes' success has been earned through its forward thinking, fashion forward leadership role in the home building industry, redefining attention to detail, reimagining how architecture meets lifestyle, and reinventing green building as a measure of the performance, quality, and livability; Marc Rutenberg Homes are designed and built from a starting point of an energy-efficient home all the way to the No Electric Bill Home. For these innovations and designs, Marc Rutenberg Homes has garnered local, regional, and national design and concept awards, Grand, Masterpiece, and Best of Category Awards, Aurora Awards, BALA Awards, and more.

Marc recently celebrated the Grand Opening of the No Electric Bill Model Home, the first Model Home open to the public of Marc's Zero Energy America initiative. Marc created Zero Energy America to build homes that demonstrate the extreme of green building, with No Electric Bill, while maintaining the beauty and design that is the tradition of Marc Rutenberg Homes. To share the hard-earned experience of how to build LEED Platinum, Zero Energy luxury homes with the world, Marc is also producing the documentary for PBS, Zero Energy America.

Explore your interest in building an Arthur Rutenberg home in Pinellas County by giving Marc a call at Waterton, LLC, (727) 940-5341.

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