A Home Built By Arthur Rutenberg

A home built by Arthur Rutenberg means your home is a part of a growing legacy known for innovative design, quality craftsmanship, and a unique style of building that is miles apart from others. It’s a legacy that will be celebrating 60 years next year.

Arthur Rutenberg

Many people ask if Arthur Rutenberg is retired. Never. He still works six days a week. Why? His name is placed on over 350 new homes each year. He has too much pride to let his name be associated with anything less than perfection.

But, who is Arthur Rutenberg and how did he build his legendary name in custom luxury home building? I invite you to read a personal article about Arthur Rutenberg from The St Pete Times, “The business that Rutenberg built”.

Why Arthur Rutenberg Homes? Because a home built by Arthur Rutenberg means though “you will pay a little bit more in the beginning. You’ll get more, it will look new longer, and when you sell it you’ll get your money back. It’s an investment in yourself.”

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