Celebrating 60 Years in Homebuilding

27 Jan Celebrating 60 Years in Homebuilding

When Arthur Rutenberg began his homebuilding business in 1953 in Clearwater, Florida, loans were made with a handshake, building permits took all of fifteen minutes to pick up (ten of which were devoted to chitchat) and sales contracts were written on a half sheet of paper.

The homes themselves were simpler. Solid. Functional. But certainly, no frills. Two bedrooms. A shared bath. A small living room and kitchen. A carport.
 Air conditioning? Not yet.
They sold like hotcakes.

Over the decades, Arthur Rutenberg defined the quintessential Florida home and refined a unique, nationally recognized customized building process. This year Arthur Rutenberg is celebrating 60 years in homebuilding. We would like to invite you to join us for a moment to reflect on his journey. Trace the path. Acknowledge the milestones.

Arthur Rutenberg 60 Years in Homebuilding

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