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Arthur Rutenberg Homes wants to build your new home. We want you to choose us! Here are 5 great reasons why:

[service title=”Brand Recognition” icon=”icon: check” size=”22″]Many people ask if Arthur Rutenberg is retired. Never. He still works six days a week. Why? His name is placed on over 750 new homes each year. He has too much pride to let his name be associated with anything less than perfection.[/service]

[service title=”Design” icon=”icon: check” size=”22″]This is what built our brand. We have created an impressive portfolio of award winning designs. We work hard to create fresh designs, replacing one-third of our product line each year. We balance refined, functional design with excitement which brings pride of ownership to a new level. We visit model homes throughout the country to ensure you receive the best anyone has to offer. Did you know we furnish each proposed plan on paper before accepting it into our Design Collection just to make sure it is functional?[/service]

[service title=”Custom Design” icon=”icon: check” size=”22″]You dream, we build. Just when we think a plan is perfect, one of our customers suggests a modification which would work better for their lifestyle. No problem. Our Custom Design Department will make changes to the original plan maintaining the same level of quality you have come to expect in an Arthur Rutenberg design. Your suggestions will be presented to you in a computer drawn Personalized Floor Plan so you can be sure we have understood your vision, before we build. [/service]

[service title=”Interior Design” icon=”icon: check” size=”22″]Our Design Collection is alive. It lives in over 20 furnished model homes throughout Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina. We invite you to visit as many as you can to extract ideas for your own home. To keep our professionally certified interior designers fresh, we encourage sophisticated outside design firms to do an occasional Arthur Rutenberg Homes model to stimulate new thought. Our Interior Designers also attend interior showcases in other areas of the country each year to look at new lines and ideas.[/service]

[service title=”Support” icon=”icon: check” size=”22″]Our job as the Franchisor is to support your Franchise Builder so they can focus on your needs and building your dream home. Therefore, we have spent the time and resources to create systems to assist your Builder with anything from obtaining quality bids on construction materials to maintaining a real time statement of account outlining any changes you may have made to date. We also host an in-house Advertising Department, Sales Support Team and Back Office functionality so your builder is able to minimize his expenses. What does this mean to you? You enjoy the resources of a large builder without having to absorb the cost in the base price of your home.[/service]

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