Florida Home Builders Interview: Housing Now with Barry Rutenberg

08 Aug Florida Home Builders Interview: Housing Now with Barry Rutenberg

Florida Home Builder Interviews Barry RutenbergBarry Rutenberg was recently interviewed by Florida Home Builders Magazine and featured in their July/August issue, “Barry Rutenberg on Housing Now”.

As Chairman of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and Arthur Rutenberg Homes franchisee, Barry Rutenberg and Associates Inc., Barry Rutenberg offered a concise but in-depth perspective on the challenges and opportunities of the industry.

In short, Barry says that, “Builders are eternal optimists… we have to be to do what we do. I think there’s a general feeling that the worst is behind us but we still have a long way to go”.


About Arthur Rutenberg Homes
Arthur Rutenberg has been a respected name in Florida homebuilding since 1953, when he built his first home upon the four “cornerstones” that would make him legendary: design, craftsmanship, service and responsibility. Today, Arthur Rutenberg Homes, Inc. is one of the largest networks of independently owned and operated homebuilding companies in the nation, with franchised homebuilders throughout Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. For further information, contact Gabriella Nelms at 727-536-5900.