Is Granite Still In? Eight Interesting Kitchen Countertop Finishes

19 Nov Is Granite Still In? Eight Interesting Kitchen Countertop Finishes

Will these kitchen countertop materials knock Granite off the block when it comes to what luxury home owners expect in their beautiful kitchens?

We all know that granite is the typical luxury countertop solution due to its beauty. Are there some newcomers for countertops that will eventually take over as the top gun for kitchen counter design?

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

quartz kitchen counters

A beautiful and durable kitchen countertop can be quartz. With its anti-microbial properties and scratch resistance, its great for counters with high use, whether for big families of entertaining. It’s almost impossible to stain or chip and needs no maintenance like granite.

Tempered Glass Kitchen Countertops

glass kitchen countertop

Tempered glass as a kitchen countertop might make sense because it is durable, translucent, easy to clean, and looks interesting. Consumers can now get it in multiple colors and not just the green sheen clear like it once was.

Ceramic Kitchen Countertops

ceramic kitchen countertop

Ceramic countertops for your kitchen are described by some as beautiful and bulletproof. Ceramics are scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and resistant to staining. These kitchen countertops can be had in a number of colors.

Nanotech Materials Kitchen Countertops

nano technology countertop

From Italian company Fenix, there are new countertops being described as nano technology. These offer durability and a smooth, dense surface. Also, you get a counter that is a conversation piece.

Wood Kitchen Countertops

wood kitchen countertop

Wood is gaining in popularity for kitchen countertops as it can be matched with flooring or done as a compliment. There are multiple styles to match the look of the kitchen counters and the home itself. Sustainable materials are becoming popular in both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

Wood and Stone combination Kitchen Countertops

wood and stone countertop

A trending kitchen countertop look is to mix wood and stone, especially in strips and work areas. Granite and wood counters are popular with stainless appliances and modern cabinets.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops


Stainless steel as a kitchen countertop had a resurgence then died down for a while as it was overused in many modern kitchens by designers for a while. It’s making a comeback in kitchen countertop use with different finishes and patterns.

Tile Kitchen Countertops


Tile is the old guard for kitchen counters. However, in Mediterranean homes or indoor-outdoor kitchens, it can be a great kitchen countertop material. It is often featured in islands to add a color pop to clean look kitchens and becomes a kitchen focal point.



When building a luxury custom home, buyers can get pretty much what they can imagine. With the help of home design experts, a kitchen countertop can be a beautiful focal point for a luxury kitchen.

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