Arthur Rutenberg Homes franchised builders provide the advantages of a large company with the personalized service of a smaller builder. Our franchise system offers unique advantages to our customers. Here’s why —

When you choose an Arthur Rutenberg franchised builder, the resources of Arthur Rutenberg Homes is behind the scenes ensuring you the finest in home and interior design, the ability to quickly customize our home plans to meet your wishes, and the economy of scale as we work with national suppliers to provide you favorable pricing on materials and services.

But the advantages don’t stop there. Arthur Rutenberg franchised builders know that your choice of home and lot should suit you, not us. Our builders know your name and they know your dreams for a custom home. Our builders are not locked into a set design, but have the freedom to customize quickly and accurately.

The result of this collaboration is a local builder who is responsive and professional linked to the history, expertise, and size of Arthur Rutenberg Homes. You enjoy the collaboration of dealing with a small builder who works for you, not the other way around. If you see something you like in our model homes, our Design Center can use our proprietary software to locate the details on any features of interest from paint colors to outdoor furniture selections.

Now is the time to take advantage of the services of Arthur Rutenberg Homes and our franchisee builder network. Our award-winning home designs are available for your review in Florida, the Carolinas, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, and Indiana. Visit a model home near you and see how we deliver service to you with Arthur Rutenberg Homes.