Through our model photography, we aim to highlight the features that set AR Homes apart. This photography allows you to get inspired from virtually anywhere.

We sat down with Rob Bovarnick, from Rob-Harris Productions, to get an inside look into our model home photo shoots. Rob-Harris Productions is a team of photographers who conduct our model home photography. These images are used for marketing collateral, our website and our AR Living luxury home magazine

Can you describe the process of photographing an AR Homes model?

When we first come to an AR Homes model, our photographer walks the model with AR Homes Creative Director, Eric Swanson. This allows us to determine which rooms we would like to photograph. We then work out the approximate angles of the rooms we are wishing to photograph. During the walk-through, we decide what time of day would be best for each photograph. This is based on how the natural light looks inside and outside.

After the walk-through period, we bring all of our equipment into the home. We set up an abundance of additional lighting, which allows us to simulate natural lighting.

Once we have the lighting in the position that we want, we collaborate with Eric to perfect the details and accessories in the home, making sure that everything is perfectly placed.

Our shot process typically takes an hour or more per shot, with another hour in post-production.

What is your favorite part of photographing an AR Homes model?

My favorite part of working with AR Homes is the quality of the models. The homes are truly spectacular and beautiful. AR Homes always stays up-to-date on the latest architecture and design trends. Although we have photographed some of the home plans many times, each model feels very fresh and current.

How is photographing an AR Homes model different from other homes that you have photographed?

AR Homes creates its own magazine, AR Living, that is really like a high-end catalog. Because of this, it is a unique experience working with AR Homes. It encourages us to keep our production level at a high standard.

We also do not often get the opportunity to work directly with a creative director on the shoot. Being able to work alongside a creative director on every shoot we do with AR Homes allows us to know exactly what the photos will be used for. This brings our end product to a higher level.

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