Inspirational Sources for Planning a Custom Home

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15 Feb Inspirational Sources for Planning a Custom Home

Layout 1 Planning a custom-built luxury home gives you an opportunity to design the home of your dreams. With so many options available for items and features for custom homes, deciding what to include can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are several ways for you to make the planning and design process fun and fulfilling. You’ll find a wide range of exciting and inspirational ideas by exploring the following sites before visiting an Arthur Rutenberg Homes Design Center in your area.


Pinterest can serve as an amazing source of inspiration for luxury homes. Browse through the site to see images of luxury homes and sprawling mansions, as well as images of homes with unique designs or features and homes that are stunningly beautiful. Keep in mind that the Arthur Rutenberg Homes Pinterest page also has several boards available with more than a thousand pins featuring striking images of luxury homes. From bathroom and bedroom ideas to outdoor living and home office designs, you’ll find a number of ideas to draw inspiration from. You can also explore our home plan collection and view trendsetting luxury homes to gather even more ideas when planning your custom-built home. As you browse, remember that all of our homes are entirely customizable. When it comes to creating unique interiors and designs, the only real limit is your budget.


Houzz is another incredible source for generating ideas for your custom home. This site provides interior designers with a way to showcase their work and inspire you with images and explanations of the design features and elements they have incorporated in homes. Houzz contains ideabooks that are filled with images of home interiors and exteriors. When you need some help coming up with exceptional kitchen features or ideas for your very own outdoor living space, you can find it on Houzz. For additional ideas, the Arthur Rutenberg Homes page on Houzz features some of our projects, as well as ideabooks and reviews. You can browse through projects to see what kinds of possibilities are available for luxury homes. From split-bedroom floor plans to centralized kitchens, you’ll discover a variety of exciting design ideas to consider for your home.


A simple Google search can also provide you with a considerable number of options when you want ideas for furniture to include in your luxury home or additional design ideas from interior designers. You can browse through the sites of interior designers to get a better idea of the kinds of features and items that are available, or look up specific types and styles of furniture, such as contemporary or traditional, to start narrowing down your list of options. Browsing through these sites and images can help you visualize what your new luxury home can look like.

Plan Gallery

luxury custom home planWhen you want more specific ideas of designs to choose from, the Arthur Rutenberg Homes Plan Collection is the ideal place to go. Our online gallery lets you search plans according to criteria, so you can see what we have to offer. We provide you with ways to choose floor plans, options and elevations that suit your personal preferences and budget, so you can make sure you get the home you’ve always wanted. Our online search options let you specify living area size, including footprint width and depth, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to include and whether or not you want certain features in your home, such as a great rom, den, bonus room, circular staircase or basement. You can even specify the garage configuration that appeals to you the most. If you want a more general browsing experience, just choose your state and browse through our impressive selection of available plans. Keep in mind that these plans are just a start when it comes to planning a custom home. When you find a plan that you want, we can work with you on customizing it to fit your needs.

Model Home Galleries

307181221F_entry_smallAt Arthur Rutenberg Homes, we have a wide selection of model homes available in parts of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee. We encourage you to visit our online model home gallery to see the types of homes we offer. Our model homes provide plenty of space, as well as luxurious features. Whether you’re interested in building a spacious five-bedroom home or a three-bedroom that still offers a ton of room for other interior features, you can find what you’re looking for in our gallery. We offer a wide range of architectural styles for exteriors, as well as several options for interior design. You can browse each of our model homes and explore their floor plans to determine which type of design would work best for your home. Just remember that we can provide further customization if you would like to make a few changes to the basic model home floor plan.

Trade Publications

When you want the latest cutting-edge style in interior design, you can find it by taking a look at interior design trade publications. These publications offer a way for interior designers to display their latest products and projects, which are a perfect opportunity for you to see what is available for your future home. From homes that could be considered sculptural works of art to homes to more traditional luxury homes, you’ll find a wide array of exciting styles to consider for your custom home. You can discover the newest products available for homes, whether you’re trying to come up with ideas for lighting, building materials, wall coverings or window treatments.

While the choices might seem limitless when you’re planning a custom luxury home, remember that this process should be all about finding inspiration and basing your decisions on what excites you the most. Since you are planning an entirely customized home, you have the perfect opportunity to build a home that reflects your personal tastes and preferences.