What to Look For in Your Custom Builder

04 Sep What to Look For in Your Custom Builder

What to Look For in Your Custom Builder

There are many types of custom builders out there. Arthur Rutenberg Homes understands it can be challenging understanding who builds where and what. So, here’s some guidelines.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes as a custom builder does the following:

  • Builds on Your Lot or Ours:  Meaning we’ll build on land that you own or on land that one of our Arthur Rutenberg Homes franchised building companies‘ own (See Find Your Home). Or we’ll help you to find a Lot with you.
  • Builds One-of-a-Kind Homes: A custom home is built for a specific client from a set of plans that were developed specifically to meet the needs of the home buyer.  The basis of the design may be one of the plans in our 80 plus plan portfolio or we can start with a blank sheet of paper offering design build services to develop a truly one-of–a-kind customized home plan (See View Our Plan Collection).

When you are ready to get on the path to finding an Arthur Rutenberg Home, we are here to help! Because choosing a home that fits you is what we do. You dream. We build.

Here are some ways a new Arthur Rutenberg Home fits your need for freedom, expression, and lifestyle:

Your Vision
Are you settling with design and features in a used home? Will you have to deal with a remodel to make the home livable for you? Will you have to obtain a separate loan with a higher interest rate for upgrades and improvements to a used home?

Older homes tend to have lower ceiling heights, out of date floor plans and features. When choosing to build with Arthur Rutenberg Homes, you will have over 100 floor plans and a dedicated design staff to accomplish your every desire and need.

Energy Efficiency and Low Maintenance
According to the National Association of Homebuilders, “Today’s homes are built twice as energy efficient as new homes a generation ago.” With Arthur Rutenberg Homes , we make our homes more efficient to perform at a higher level using such products as the Zip Wall System, 2 x 6 frame construction and Double Pane insulated Low E coated Windows. (See your local ARH franchisee for their Standard Features as they can vary from location to location)

Are you concerned what you will be left to deal with once you close on your used home? A home built by Arthur Rutenberg means your home is a part of a 60 year growing legacy known for innovative design, quality craftsmanship, and a unique style of building that is miles apart from others. Arthur Rutenberg Homes delivers a one year warranty in addition to our Service Credo: if within 10 years of the closing of your new home, a problem occurs which we believe is a result of a defect in original workmanship or material, we will correct it without charge. Simply put, if it’s our fault, we will fix it!

Insurance and Safety
New homes built to the latest storm codes cost less to insure and provide more safety for you and your family.

Value and Appreciation
Home construction has changed dramatically in the last decade and even in the last 2 years. New Arthur Rutenberg Homes are built to live “new” longer and appreciate more dramatically than an older, used home.