Trends in Outdoor Fireplaces for Luxury Homes

03 Aug Trends in Outdoor Fireplaces for Luxury Homes

outdoor fireplace in luxury homeIts still the summer, but now is the time to start thinking about ways to extend your outdoor living time.  Nothing beats this as much as an outdoor fireplace or fire feature! Homeowners and those building a house need to start the planning and installation process now to allow you to enjoy the benefits of a new outdoor fireplace this fall and winter.

Outdoor fireplaces have become a staple in luxury homes. The hot new trend now is adding extra room to relax and have company by creating an oasis in your patio. They add luxurious patio furniture and a fireplace and extend their outdoor fun even through the cold weather.

Outdoor fireplaces help create an ambiance, provide warmth and a focal element in the patio design. There are various styles of outdoor fireplaces ranging from, such as traditional fireplaces, built in firepit, gel fuel in a glass piece, and permanent gas fed fireplace. Stores that sell hardware or home supplies often sell outdoor fireplaces or materials to build your own.

Fireplaces don’t just look different, they also use different ways to create fire. There are wood fireplaces, which are the most popular, pellet fireplaces, ethanol and gas fireplaces. The most environmentally friendly and easiest to maintain are the ethanol and the gas fireplaces.

One of the most popular types of outdoor fireplace is an enclosed unit with a chimney. This type of fireplace can be built into a wall or stand alone. It can be made from concrete, stone, brick, stucco, or other materials. These fireplaces are often the safest because they are entirely enclosed. They can also be better for the environment because most come with a filter and a spark arrestor to prevent particulates from going into the air.

Firepits can either be built in or can be moved around. A traditional firepit is built into the ground out of tile, stone, or another fire-resistant material. More modern versions are raised and are made from either stone, metal, or another type of fire-resistant material, have supportive legs, and are movable.

There are even outdoor fireplaces which can be used as grills. These types of fireplaces often have movable grills or shelves that can be used to cook food. They offer ways that people can control the flames or heat up coals to use for grilling. Grilling fireplaces are usually located near a social area or the patio so that it is easily accessible.

For those who want to build an outdoor fireplace, it is advisable that you speak to a contractor to make sure that the fireplace is 100% safe. All outdoor fireplaces need to be surrounded by or on non-flammable materials, such as bricks, stones, packed clay, or tiles. They need to be built sturdy and stable to ensure that the fireplace doesn’t collapse.

Types of Outdoor Fireplaces

Masonry Fireplace Kits

masonry fireplace outdoor livingThese type of fireplaces can be ordered in various sizes. The length of time it will take to construct this type of fireplace depends on your skill level and how well you can follow the instructions. Everything has been sized for you so there’s no need for measuring or cutting. Getting a permit approved for a standard fireplace is often easier than custom fireplaces.

Cast Limestone or Pre-Cast Concrete Fireplaces

These type of fireplaces are mainly used with gas instead of wood. Since they are portable they do not require a permit to be constructed. They are also very easy to assemble.

Custom Masonry Fireplaces

8e3c1e12c68993074d7e62f42592b3b2These type of fireplaces are built from the ground up by a mason who builds it with brick or stone. The mason has to make structural calculations and lay out custom plants to create a fireplace that is the right size and fulfils the needs of the customers. These take 3 times longer to build than any other fireplace and do require a permit and need to be inspected. It can be custom made to fit the patio’s design and size.


This type of fireplace is shaped like an oversized vase and has a firebox in the belly to light small fires. These are often made of clay and can be purchased and used within hours, no assembly required.

Ethanol-, Gel-, or Gas-Powered Glass Fireplaces

These type of fireplaces are entirely made of glass and can be purchased and used without having to assemble it. The design is modern and uses eco-friendly ethanol, gel, or gas to light the fire. This type of fireplace is quite popular in luxury homes both inside and outside. Glass fireplaces can also be built into an area or purchased as a table-top fireplace.


These type of fireplaces can either be purchased assembled with legs or built into an area. It can be made from clay, metal, tile, or stone and it can be powered by gas or wood. These can come in a variety of sizes or built at home with little to no building experience. Firepits are getting more and more popular thanks to the ban on bonfires in many states.

outdoor fireplace ideasIf you’re looking to turn your outdoor area into a perfect hangout spot, outdoor fireplaces can help you create the ambiance you are looking for. These fireplaces not only bring life to the patio, they are easy to use and can keep your party going outside all year long. Whether you decide to build it yourself or hire a professional be sure to take safety precautions and get all of the necessary permits prior to building your outdoor fireplace.