Adding Value to a New Home with Professional Interior Design

If you want to build the home of your dreams, an interior designer can help make it happen. Professionally designed homes not only exude your style and personality, they often retain higher market values than generic homes. Whether you have a clear vision of your new home’s design or need help navigating the possibilities, a professional interior designer can guide you every step of the way.

What Defines a Great Interior Designer?

An interior designer is responsible for turning homeowners’ ideas into reality. As such, top-notch interior designers are also excellent listeners and skilled at bringing your vision to life. They have a keen eye for construction and can often visualize a blueprint based off of your descriptions. They’ll quickly let you know if your project is feasible and provide estimates of time, cost, and allocation of space. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, interior designers may present examples of popular designs or draft a few possibilities based on your goals and interests. Great interior designers are also flexible. They can often find alternatives to meet your budget and aesthetic needs. From planning to completion, they work with you every step of the way to make sure the project matches your vision.

Top homebuilders often have teams of interior designers working at regional design centers. Customers can visit, browse colors and materials, and get expert advice on designing their new home. This includes ceilings, walls, floors, paint, surfaces, counters, cabinets, and other key interior components. A designer helps consolidate these elements into an aesthetically pleasing yet practical design. Interior designers who work for a homebuilder often possess deeper knowledge of construction and how their company’s building process impacts potential designs, enabling them to make smart decisions that save time and money.

What Does a Typical Interior Design Process Look Like?

While the steps may vary from one designer to another, most interior designers have a structured process for completing their projects. An interior designer may perform the following steps:

  1. Learn the customer’s needs and provide time and cost estimates, along with alternative options.

  2. Create floor plans, 3-D models and other visuals to conceptualize the project and obtain customer approval.

  3. Order and install materials to meet the project schedule.

  4. Consult with the customer upon initial completion.

  5. Add finishing touches such as lighting, finishes, etc.

Why Choose a Professional Interior Designer?

Professional interior designers bring specialized knowledge, skills, and connections to the table. They know how to make colors and textures click, use space efficiently and effectively, and keep projects within your budget. Savvy designers can open customers’ minds to new possibilities and methods of thinking. Below are five ways interior design can add value to a new home.

Hiring an interior designer can save you time, money, and headaches.

People without design experience often try to spruce up their home on their own. While respectable, do-it-yourself interior design projects can often become stressful, time-consuming, and far exceed initial cost estimates. Professional interior designers help you avoid mistakes, save money, and boost the value of your new home for years to come. It’s what they’re trained and educated to do.

An interior designer can provide valuable insight.

Professional designers know many tricks to fit a project into a tight budget. They know how to choose materials and textures and use space efficiently. They know when to perform each step to avoid hold-ups and time-consuming errors. Designers can visualize colors, size, spacing, texture, colors, and proportions at a glance and can spot details that an untrained eye can easily miss.

Interior designers are problem-solvers.

Experienced interior designers are equipped to solve a variety of problems. Every design project inevitably involves conflicting elements. A desired layout may impede walking space, or the proposed wall color may clash with the countertops. Windows may need to be custom made, or accommodations added to facilitate family members with special needs. These considerations can be extremely difficult and costly for an inexperienced homeowner to sort out alone. Professional designers know how to shop for supplies and strike deals with shops and contractors. They create order from the chaos and save you a lot of stress.

They help you stay within budget.

Creating a feasible budget and sticking to it is much more difficult than it seems. It involves extensive research into materials, cost comparisons across multiple vendors, and negotiating with contractors. Interior designers provide accurate estimates and have top-of-mind knowledge of prices for supplies and labor. They can create a detailed budget with line-by-line costs and conduct a project in an efficient and organized manner.

Interior designers know people.

Most interior designers have a vast network of contacts who can get them special materials, process custom orders, and send experts to help. They know how to leverage their network to save time and money. Their connections can often provide them with exclusive discounts and special prices for materials and labor. They have access to unique fabrics, accessories, and furniture that can completely change a room’s atmosphere. Experienced interior designers know how to lead a team and make sure everyone understands the flow of the project before starting. Furniture, appliances, lighting, flooring, and other aspects of the project are sorted out and arranged into steps.

Arthur Rutenberg Design Studios specialize in turning new houses into stylish new homes. They love nothing more than seeing the look of joy and excitement on homeowners’ faces when they look at their professionally furnished home for the first time. A team of interior design professionals will work with you to create a beautiful home that fits your lifestyle and budget. Moving into a new home should be a time of joy and relaxation. ¬†Visit an Arthur Rutenberg Design Studio near you to get your questions answered and learn more about interior design services.