At Arthur Rutenberg Homes, the difference begins with the fact that our plan collection is truly alive. It comes to life within our more than 40 fully furnished model homes. The model serves as the ideal environment for learning about your specific wants and needs in your custom home.

Identifying a plan from our collection is a good jumping-off point. Generally, we will be able to identify a plan that is exactly or very close to what you want. But what if you really like one model’s floor plan and fall in love with another model’s master suite?

That’s easy! We are able to send a marked-up plan to our custom design team! Our team knows our plans and understands how to adapt, modify and customize them seamlessly. Typically within 72 hours, you’ll have a Personalized Floor Plan (PFP).

We sat down with PFP Designer, Katie Shay, to learn more about our Personalized Floor Plan process.

What is a Personalized Floor Plan?- Q&A with a PFP Designer

A Personalized Floor Plan is an AR Homes plan that has been customized per the customer requests using AR Homes standard design principles. Typical requests include changes to the kitchen and/or master bathroom as well as the addition or removal of secondary rooms.  Generally, a customer will see several models and want to pull from each. For instance, they could start with the Kensington plan, but want the Coquina master bathroom, the kitchen from the Aberdeen and the outdoor living package from the Jacaranda IV. My job is to then design a new plan for them, pulling all of those designs together seamlessly.

What are some of the benefits of our Personalized Floor Plan process?

One benefit would be the direct interaction that our customers have with the design of their home. Many times, I have spoken over the phone with sales associates and customers. This allows me to answer the customer’s questions and to offer design advice. Often, customers need to talk out what they want in their home. Giving the customer a direct connection to the designer not only helps us, but also gives them a sense of ownership in their home design.

Another benefit of our Personalized Floor Plan process is the turnaround time for a PFP. We typically return PFP’s within 72 hours of receiving a request. This allows the customer to see their plan come to life within days.

What is your favorite aspect of designing a Personalized Floor Plan?

My favorite aspect of designing a PFP is the creative freedom that customers and sales associates will sometimes give me. On occasion, you will have a customer/sales team with a strong design mind that knows exactly what they want and where they want it. However, most times, I am given a markup of our model plan and the customer is open to how the home is designed. The opportunity to design a customer’s dream home is what makes my job fun.

About Katie Shay

Katie Shay received a master’s degree in architecture from Ball State University in 2017. She has been with Arthur Rutenberg Homes since June 2017. She started with AR Homes as a Jr. CAD designer for the Custom Design Department. She then took over as the Personalized Floor Plan Designer in the Clearwater office. She has designed PFP’s for over 275 families.


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