Home Design Trends for 2014

Open Layouts

Greenville Model Home Great Room

Greenville Model Living Room

Open layouts and floor plans have been growing in popularity for many years now, and it appears 2014 will be no different.  The kitchen has moved to become more of a focal point in a home and now flows seamlessly with the living spaces in more and more homes.  Homeowners are also experimenting with opening up other spaces in their homes.  For example in our model home located in the Claremont community in Greenville, SC we have a four pane sliding glass wall that opens the main living space to an outdoor patio.  This creates a great open air living area perfect for the moderate climate in Greenville.


Shades of Blue

Greenville Model Home Bonus Room

Greenville Model Bonus Room

Different shades of blue are showing up at home design markets and on home decorating blogs across the internet.  The color blue is believed to create a calm, refreshing, and tranquil atomsphere.  Use curtains, throw pills, and other accessory pieces in colors such as navy, turquoise, or cobalt to add pops off color to your home this year.



Mixed Metallics

Greenville Model Home Dining Room

Greenville Model Dining

Another trend you can integrate into your home with accessory pieces this year is mixed metallics.  Brass, copper, silver and other mixed metals are a great way to introduce some glamour into your home.  Use a metallic mirror on a dark accent wall, another trend this year, to really create an impact.



Flex Spaces

Lake home bedroom with bunk beds.

Lake Home Flex Space

Flexible spaces and generational layouts are another growing trend for homes in 2014.  Homeowners are preparing to have spaces for grandchildren, boomerang children, grandparents, other visitors or more permanent guests.  This bedroom at a lake home provides a lot of space for family reunions.