Foresight In Home Building

Customizing Your Homes Features

One of the greatest joys of designing and building a custom home is having the ability to truly customize your homes features to your needs. At Arthur Rutenberg Homes in Greenville, SC we take great pride in guiding you through this process step by step. While many of these may seem like common sense, the excitement of building your own custom home can be overwhelming at times and thus lead to the overlooking of some more personalized elements of custom home building. Additionally, implementing these customizations during your home’s construction can save you a load of money in the long run.

Future Expansions & Unfinished Rooms

Many homeowners opt for an unfinished basement, porch, or other interior room that they intend to finish post occupancy. While there’s nothing wrong with a DIY attitude, for cost concerns it is very important to consider what your future plans for said room may require. For instance, installing a conduit to run additional wiring up from the basement can save you thousands in demolition and remodeling costs. Likewise, roughing in the necessary plumbing and electrical wiring can save a boat load of money and hassle down the road.

Exterior Power & Water Sources

Many homeowners know the importance of this all too well. The reasons you may require additional exterior power outlets and water sources are too numerous to list. The important thing is to think long term about the plans (even seasonal plans) for the exterior of your home. This could range from eave outlets on your porches for Christmas lighting, to hot water and power for a work shed. No matter the reason, when you need them you’ll be extremely glad they were built in from the very beginning.

Interior Pre Wiring & Outlet Locations

Much like exterior planning, well thought out wiring and power outlets on the interior of your home can define convenience in the long term. The most commonly overlooked locations for interior power outlets are places like toilet rooms, closets, cabinets, and floor or ceiling outlets.

Additionally, this is a great time to think about a central area for electronic control systems for home automation, home security systems, or breakers for controlling power to whole sections of your home. Whatever your need may be in the every expanding world of home technology this can be an invaluable convenience.

Entrances & Exits

Seems simple enough right? Where will you enter and exit your new home? While the actual entrance/exit may be common sense, the area or rooms leading to such are often overlooked. For instance, parents and pet owners alike may find an outside shower or an indoor ‘clean room’ all the rage when it comes to keeping outside dirt and debris outside.

Garage, Laundry Room, and Bathroom Extras

The list of ideas here can be very diverse so we thought it best to list just a few common ideas to keep in mind.

A. Garage

  • Pre wiring with proper voltage for things like electric car charging, power tools, normal power sources, entertainment, and lighting.
  • Plumbing such as mop sinks, floor drains, or hose bibs.
  • Stain resistant and easy clean up flooring.
  • Cabinets, wall hanging systems, shelving, and other storage options.

B. Laundry Room

  • Lint traps to keep your dryer vent clean and reduce risk of fire.
  • Floor drains for easy clean up.
  • Built in storage options for outside clothing, shoes, or other storage needs.
  • Additional power outlets or light fixtures for convenience.
  • Pocket doors to maximize usable space.

C. Bathroom

  • Hidden outlets.
  • Sun lights for natural lighting.
  • Heated towel racks.
  • Heated floors.
  • Floor drains.
  • Recessed cabinetry and storage.

Home Automation & Efficiency

It seems like home automation, efficiency, and “green” options are out pacing homeowner’s ability to implement these solutions. A little foresight here can go a long way to making options like these more feasible. Things like pre wiring for solar panels, upgraded insulation, central control areas, pre wiring for home theatres, etc, can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

At Arthur Rutenberg Homes you can count on an experienced and knowledgeable home builder who will take the time necessary to make your new home a truly custom home. If you’re thinking of building a custom home in Greenville or anywhere in Upstate South Carolina we welcome the opportunity to show you why Arthur Rutenberg custom homes can’t be beat.

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