Top Styles for Cincinnati Designer Kitchens

New Custom Home Trends in Designer Kitchens

If you’re building a custom home in the Cincinnati area and you love to entertain, you are going to need a designer kitchen that is specially built to showcase your house and accommodate your lifestyle. There are several emerging trends in custom luxury residences that are new that you may want to think about before you submit your design ideas to the contractor.

Trending Custom Kitchen Designs which will Showcase Your New Cincinnati Custom Home
This year, the latest custom kitchen trends have gone high tech, are earth friendly and feature functionality at the same time. Let’s talk about three attributes now trending in custom kitchen design.

1. Speed Cook Oven. Speed- The outside of your food is cooked much like a traditional oven with halogen light bulbs above and below the food – harnessing the power of light. Halogen heat that is created then gets an increase of microwave energy. The finished product is cooked evenly and quickly and is perfectly browned. This unit will cook your food in its own juices which helps your food to retain its natural moisture.

2. Under-counter Refrigeration. Trending now are copper-infused stainless steel, under the counter, designer cabinet wine storage, beer dispensing machines and ice making machines that live under the counter and add extra cold space or provide extra functionality. Add a stone, or even bamboo parquet butcher block counter top and you’ve got an actual custom home showpiece – green and fashionable!

3. Multimedia Ventilation Hood. This unit appears made for a custom high-end house and is great for watching educational videos or your favorite cooking shows and cooking along with them. These multimedia ventilation hoods include LCD screens.

Why not consider studying a number of these new attributes before starting constructing your new Cincinnati custom home and you will end up getting an upscale designer kitchen that is perfect for entertaining and one that will be the envy of all your friends!

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Learn the latest trends in luxury kitchen design for your new custom home and what you must do before you submit your design ideas to the builder.

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